2017 | Alright, Alright!


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Entering 2017 with peaceful waters.   (VSCO)


Well hello 2017, you’re looking all gussied up! What’s the occasion? Ohhh, you missed me?! Well I missed you too. I am taking a month off of Instagram with hopes to meet back up with the ol blog. So 2016 was a hard year for many reasons on a grand scale, but on a personal level I am straight up thankful. Meeting my fella was quite a blessed gift from the Lord. The kids and I love him. When I look back I am in awe of the way he dove right into family life, when he had all the free time in the world before. So what’s he about?! Well he grew up in Huntington Beach, CA as the youngest of 3 boys. He played lots of baseball and went on to play at Arkansas as a shortstop then 2nd base, and finished up at UCLA. He toured with a band as the base player for 7 years, was a behavioral specialist and is now a reading specialist at Longview Farm Elementary. Honey, you’re a great storyteller, very organized, I love your routine, and I so appreciate your introverted-ness (but please put your introverted time on the calendar : ).We are indeed opposites! Thanks for a seriously good year, on and off the dance floor.

Hens, your first year of kindergarten is halfway over! I am so thankful you love Mme LeLetty, learning French, reading with Rick, and riding your bike. A highlight of 2016 with you was our perfect day celebrating your birthday with a mother-daughter shopping day (American Girl store + Brio on the Plaza). You’re my little soul mate, for life.

Tegegne you’re a 3rd grader, and boy you’ve got skillz to pay the bills on the soccer field. You’ll start up a winter league and a chess team this month. Date nights with you are my favorite. We’ve had some good ones this year…remember Paul Blart Mall Cop?! The times you let me hug you and sneak in a smooch are the best. #itscooltokissyourmother

Fieldsy, your my little buddy. You are kind, funny, and so stinkin’ cool. When I think of the year with you, its the simple things I love…like the way you walk downstairs for breakfast in the morning with that sleepy face saying “Morning mom.” And that you still love to snuggle. I’m smitten boy. I want to bottle up your voice and share it with you when you’re grown.

I feel so blessed. This year I have felt more peace. Thanks be to God.

Signing off with squinty eyes.

xo – k



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