Pic | Nics

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We had a picnic again today with sweet friends!

Well hello there. I find myself very thankful, and thought I should stay up a bit late to document some of life right now. First off, let us raise our glasses to all of the amazing mothers out there doing their thing. To my own Mother, thank you for being so rad and for the nice time Saturday night. Thank you for being the funnest Grandma. If I was going to get a mom tattoo, I would add the words Grace + Peace. Those are words that come to mind when I think of you. You’re also just so fun to spend time with. Love you Mama.

My mothers day was quite lovely, thank you children. When you all were dropped off and greeted me on Sunday, it was really the best gift. You each had something special to tell me and I love your eagerness to get it all out in the first two minutes of our time reunited. The umbrella pic above is proof of our successful picnic in the rain. Everyone else fled the park, but we must have been under the perfect tree bc the rain really didn’t get us wet.

Our picnic in the rain was followed by a matinee movie. Fields, you totally busted your nose as we excitedly pranced into the theatre. Lots of blood flowing from those little nostrils, but your brother has a gift of making you laugh instead of cry in the midst of trauma-ish situations. And Hensley was nurses assistant. Both of them were shoving paper towels in their pockets, for extra supply. Tegegne helped pay for the movie as I held you with your head back, and we landed softly in our theater seats just in time for the show. After the movie, the Glinns came over with pizza and dinosaurs! A full day of fun right there!

Hensley, you learned to ride a bike this Friday, May 6 2016 at your daddy’s house! You also do your own pony tail, and wash your own hair. Watch out kindergarten, this girl is ready!

Had a lovely Friday with SDK and friends + my bush in my front yard is so full of blooms.