March | Magic


IMG_0920IMG_0959Well the magical month of March has come and is almost gone, good thing because I’m 75% into my AT&T data plan before I have to upgrade. Woah horsie! Does talking on the phone take data? I’m not so into March Madness, so I thought of another M word to go with March. I chose magic because I’ve had some magical moments this month, probably because it was my birthday month and my fraaaands are really are spectacular.

For my birthday weekend a whole slew of beauties joined me for dinner at mi casa, and later on the dance floor. This weekend my close gal pal Ashleigh visited with her kids to tear up KC with us! Add to that some quality time with my parents, E+E+O, and my children!

Its been a full month of F-U-N. Aren’t you glad I added the “N?” Phew.

Oh my beloved, spunky children. Bless them. I spent a half hour rallying the crew to go to dinner this eve, and when the two oldest were wrestling in the kitchen (one bumped a head and started crying), I executively decided to call it in. This decision made Fields cry. “I dist wanna eat at da restaurant, mom!”  The oldest was mad at me, and middle child lost it…or was she still crying about bumping her head? At that point, all I could do was offer water to resort to a basic need. And keep walking to the car. Silence is my new parenting tactic. Silence and walking, fast walking, ok sometimes *running away and hiding.(*I had to run and hide in the laundry room when I was ordering our pizza and salad from Minsky’s. I mean, the only other times I run and hide are clearly when we are playing that game that requires such actions.)

I tried to watch one episode of New Girl, but watched 3 instead and now its late.

Have a good one!


P.S. Ash and I went to #KCFW Kansas City Fashion Week runway show Friday night. It was quite fun, but I was surprised that it was a fall collection. We ate at Voltaire for the first time, and definitely not the last. Yum.


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