The Truth Is | Double Oops


The truth is…(insert hesitation face showing full teeth grin Imoji)

The truth is I opened a piece of mail tonight because it said urgent and it was a disconnect notice from the electric company. Oops. I really thougth autopay was set up on all bills, because Lord knows I need autopay in my life. I get snail mail, and unless it’s handwritten in a pink envelope, it goes into a dreaded “look at when you’re not being social” pile. But hey, I paid my bill just in the nick of time, set up autopay, and learned that I’m at 314kWh, which is below my efficient neighbors at 321kWh. Thank you LED can lights, thank you. Ehem…some neighbors are at 701kWh. I’m guessing a few of those neighbors are in Jansen Place with a tv in every room, and heated beds for their pets.

The truth is, I visited my therapist yesterday, (who kindly dismissed me several months ago), because I needed to check in. And I’m so glad I did. Things like, are you being your confused self, who acts out of “this looks good,” or are you being your chosen self, which acts out of great intention toward your main goals to live an authentic life. So I re-evaluated my #lifegoals and am feeling so much better. Amazing what a bit of “checking in” will do. This morning I read my book of common prayer and it’s like God is saying…I want to make this easier for you…but you must put forth some effort.

The truth is, I love to have fun and that word is up there on the most used words in my brain-space. Fun. I want to have it myself and create it for everyone around me. If someone else is creating it for me, they go way up there on my list of awesome people in life. Then there are all of those other good people who are loyal, peaceful, driven, laid back, or just plain cool.

The truth is, I love people. I’m noticing that so much lately, with more time rolling straight solo or being solo with my kids. I am not one who needs hours of self time in order to have people time. Its a lesson I’m learning…the art of being alone.

The truth is, I didn’t set up my electricity autopay yet, because I opened a blog tab and got distracted. Double oops. I’m going to say goodbye now and do that so I don’t get another warning note. Would hate to wake up Christmas morning with the Christmas lights not able to illuminate on the tree.

P.S. This photo was from one of the more fantastic weekends I’ve had in a while with the dearest gal in Durham, NC.


The Things | Lately

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.37.07 PM These things have been recent interests of mine as I stroll through webville on that fine Sunday afternoon or late night when I should be winding down with yoga moves and deep breathing for a better nights sleep.  Yes, they are things…and life is more important than stuff I want/love. But none-the-less, here they are! Now, I’ll go do something meaningful. : )minoux_portal_necklace_silver

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.38.29 PM boro-hotel-long-island-city-new-york-remodelista-9

humanoid boot Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.38.40 PM

Black bowl. Necklace. Boots. Dress. Painted Room. (this actually came from my dear boss and i don’t have the source.) would love to paint my powder bath like this. that and every other white wall in my house, because white walls and kids totally vibe.

with love and authenticity.



Conversations | Cheers!

JonesFamily-1176 JonesFamily-1156


Hensley and Fields share the big bedroom now. Tegegne really wanted his own, so I swapped them yesterday. Tonight was the first in the new rooms. The big room went something like this:

Hensley: “Mommy, I love you so much. I love you to heaven and back….I love Hank too….did you know Hank wore a baseball hat when we went trick or treating? Kolton was a dragon, I was a bumble bee. (Fields: I was batman!)

Fields: We tootk Hank tamping with Dad, Mom. And we dot smores. (H: And when Coco was around Hank she went “aaa-choo!”) I had a blue sleeping bad, Tegegne had a green one, and Hensley had a pintk one. (H: I had a red one, Fields.)

F: Mommy, can you sindg me all the songs? (I sing 3 requested songs, say a short blessing, rub his back and get up.) Mom, dats not all the songs. I wanted “Please don’t takt my sunshine too.”

H: Mom, can you lay with me again? I love you so much. I love my room so much. Can it stay like this for a very long time?

This was less than half of the chatter and after 2 books with them in their big room, and one book with Tegegne. There must be a special place in heaven for the single parent. What “special places” look like, I’m not sure. Just guessing it’s one of those categories. God is good, very good. This dark chocolate bar with caramel and sea salt after their all snoozing isn’t so bad either.

Tonight I worked to establish time out with Fields for at least 45 minutes. (Thank you 1-2-3 Magic)  I remember 5 years ago, doing the same with Tegegne (but pregnant with Hensley). Rather tiring, I say. Once established, it is productive. He has to go to time out and stay there. Tonight and last Friday he didn’t want to stay, so he got up. Each time he gets up I put him back on the stair and say “This is time out.” Over and over. At times Tegegne and Hensley try to help him sit or talk me out of it, saying,  “I think he did it, Mom.” “Can he get dessert now?” “I really need someone to play with!”

Earlier this evening Hensley and I made banana bread while the boys watched Netflix. It didn’t turn out as it should have, but her pouring skills were advanced. She did the dishes after dinner…and snuck the rest of the corn bread.

Here’s to parenthood. Raising children to be adults. Figuring it out as we go. These are the wonder years. Cheers!


Photos by Rachel. (For a better explanation of 1-2-3 Magic‘s method for time out, check out their 1980’s DVD or book from the library! And thank you Dr. Kevin.)