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thank you baldwin for being inspiring, following your dreams, making rad clothes and keeping kansas city #cool…oh, and also your sample sale. yes, thank you for your sample sale. you are welcome to have those as often as you like; as long as they are at least twice a year. : )

also have to give a shout out to zara for those days when new clothes are necessary and baldwin isn’t in budget…thank you zara for the “new” special prices tab. how nice of you to offer all of these adorable items at under $20 USD. like for real?!? (Go to their website to see which items are on sale. such great deals on some fall basics!)zara tshirt 15zara tube dress 19

14.90 sweatshirt zara red 1999 zara skirt zara skirt 1990


Emerald | City or Bootie



Okay. Free People, seriously. Your shoe tab always does this to me. I was just getting on here to browse, but now you have me desperately crushing on these emerald booties for fall. And these black so-rad-for-winter-sneaker-looking lace ups! Oh my goodness. And I reached in my budget envelope labeled fall shoes and it was empty, bahh haha. Then I woke up and realized I don’t do the cash envelope system. But maybe I should start one. If I do, my first 4 envelopes will state Fall Shoes, Winter Shoes, Summer Shoes, Spring Shoes. This is actually a lovely idea…each envelope thick with $500. Until then, I’ll just blog about them. Oh yeah, then there were these…sexy little booties, sneakerLOVE, and these snakeskin six hundred dollar beauties. #blackalwayswins


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9.13.12 HBD Big Guy

JONES-0056 JONES-0061 JONES-0062 JONES-0063


You know you’ve got me hooked. Little stinker. I love to you to the moon and back. Thanks for being my laid back little fella. Your sister and brother will be in a real good argument and you just look at me like, “Hey, I’m cool. And I’m not getting in on that!” You’re three today. I am beyond excited to celebrate YOU! Your  so funny, and straight up boy. But you do have an eye for fashion and design. You complement my outfits ALL of the time. And Hensley’s. Its one of the most adorable things you do. “Mommy, I really like your dress!” It’s a good trait, Fields. People like complements.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, may His face shine on you. May He be gracious to you.

Love, love, love. (3 loves for turning 3)