Babies: And Mine

DSC_0138There happen to be several sweet babies in our lives right now. Baby Ona, Baby Eva, Baby Frances, Baby West. It makes me remember my own sweet babies.

Tegegne, my first to love. Although we’ll never know if you were a cute baby, we have proof that you were an adorable 2 year old. (Of course you were a cute baby, but only birth mom has those memories.) I cannot handle those big brown eyes and sweet puckered lips. These were some of the first photos I ever saw of you, and I stared at them for long amounts of time. I wondered how you scratched your cheek, and what the scare on your forehead was from. I loved writing you letters through my paper pregnancy. I’ll never forget the first moments Daddy and I had with you. It was one of the most joyful times in my life. You were such a little guy, wondering what the big world had to offer. I am your forever Mommy and am praising God for your life. Thank you for turning me into a mommy, for teaching me how to be brave! Today you said you’ll take me on a date when you’re 16, and I said I hope you don’t change your mind. So here it is in writing. I promise not to embarrass you.  Tegegne Photo 1[1]

Baby Hensley, my love. You were the first to make my tummy very very big. What an experience pregnancy was. I remember getting teased at work in the last month of pregnancy, everyone swore I was having twins! Then you came out via a dramatic birth experience, and I fell in love again. You’re my gal pal. Often lately you ask if we can go to a party, to the beach, or over to a friends house! We are just alike. Soul sisters, you and me. We kiss and hug a lot, and I absolutely love it.IMG_9436 IMG_9438

Oh Fieldsy! You came quickly after Hensley (instead of siblings from the Congo, what?!) and I am quite thankful for that. I am so glad God planned for you! All laid-back and snuggly, you are. You threw up all the time as a baby, but you slept well. I remember combing your hair into a bunch of different styles while taking the pictures below. The baby of the family, you’ll always be. I love your sweetness. IMG_0305IMG_0311Love,