Tegegne: And Your Date with Mom


Dear Tegegne,

I was so happy when you asked me to the Mother Son Dance two weeks ago after school. Today, when I picked you up from school you were already blushing when I talked about our date. When I told you I EVEN ironed your outfit, you said, “What do you mean?” (HA! You’ve never seen me iron because I never do it!) So I explained it. Once we got in the truck you said, “Oh no, are my pants wrinkling when I sit?” But prior to that I came down the stairs in my dress, and like a true date you said, “That’s not the dress I thought you were going to wear!” I replied, “Would you like me to change?”  “No, once you get all the way upstairs and get the other dress on, we’ll be late. Just wear that one. I like it, I just liked the other one better!” (Oh Tegegne, you will make a true husband someday.)

Since our conversations are often muffled by your younger siblings asking for a snack, or you wanting to run off and see the neighbor, it was nice to get some one on one. We really must do this more often. That to say, we went to dinner with a group…so fun. But I initially planned a dinner for just the two of us so we could really visit. I think we’ll have to redo that part of the evening. The dance itself was a bit of chaos with lots of boys running around, you right in the middle. I did get a few moments to dance with you, and those were my fav. I had some really special moments with you tonight, Tegegne. Thanks for being my sweet guy.

I love you,


P.S. This photo (by Ashley Parsons) clearly isn’t us at the dance tonight. But it does represent our relationship quite well. You just love it when I want some affection. And tonight, you ran from me multiple times when I asked you to dance. I know, I know all of you friends were running around too. But I just wanted you to myself all night!



Be: Who?

jer collins 1 encourage 1These words are good. I read both of these in two minutes time and said to myself, “Wake up and live! Life doesn’t come on a silver platter. It’s chocked full of ups and downs and in between. Be who you want to be. Who do you want to be? Keep thinking positive. There is so much good in you. And in the world.”

Sketch by Jeremy Collins. Photo taken by Nate Lewis.


If I Could: Turn Back Time

JONES-0089I was leaving a work meeting today and a lady said, “Happy Thanksgiving!” Wait, what? Please don’t fast forward time. We host the Thanksgiving feast, and I have not begun to prepare. Typically this season moves so quickly, there are so many holiday parties and preparations. It’s busy, busy, busy.

In a very pleasant way, this season feels different for us. I feel like we’re going against the grain, with Tegegne not in fall soccer, or Hensley in dance class. I would like to hold on to these less busy days, letting the kids play outside instead of be in organized activities. Soon enough their schedules will be full. We’ve enjoyed family bike rides around Jansen Place. Last night we all snuggled up on the sofa and watched Father of the Bride II, and with daylight savings the kids are ready to go to bed closer to 7-7:30!

I remember when I loved staying very busy, with a full social life. I cannot say I’ve become an introvert, but I have noticed that slowing down is actually enjoyable. I really like our house, which makes staying in a nice choice. Laughing with our kids is not so bad either!

It’s that peaceful easy feeling I’m holding onto. : )


Photo by Jeremy Parsons.