Team Spirit + Tent Dreams

FullSizeRender-2Dear Royals,

Our city would be really really excited, like beyond stoked if you could represent with a BIG W tonight.

Yours Truly,


P.S. My boss and coworkers represented the Royals today. Toured my bosses house, which is under construction…it’s about time for that talented gal to get her kitchen as amazing as those she’s designed for years! Oh, and did you notice here airstream! It’s so adorable inside too. Now that our kids survived camping (which I’ll have to write about asap!) we are dreaming of an “upgraded tent”!

Lisa’s Airstream!
I LOVE her mini green camper!

Camping: Smores + Smiles

airstream blueWe’re going camping next weekend at Wallace State Park. I put this photo up just as a daydream. There will be no luxury airstream on our campsite. If only.

But you know what we will have? Smores and smiles on our faces. : )

(Crossing our fingers that our two year old will fall asleep in our tent without crying about it.)

A Little: A Lot

JONES-0078JONES-0067JONES-0064JONES-0074 JONES-0060Hi, hi, hi. We’ve been up to a whole lotta not much over here, thrown in with a little bit of this, and a lot of that. How about you? Fall is a fast paced season…let’s try to soak it in while it’s here. I’m noticing leaves changing and baseballs in the air.

Really Kansas City, we’re stoked about THE ROYALS IN THE WORLD SERIES! Hensley and Fields were fearfully crying as Michael, Tegegne, and I jumped and shouted like crazy after the game Wednesday.  Then Hensley cried more, saying, “I don’t want to go to the World Series, I want to go to dinner!” After dinner she exclaimed, “Are we going to the World Series now?!?”

(I knew I shouldn’t have posted this before Michael proof read!)  I can talk more baseball than I ever thought imaginable. Like, compared to what I used to know, that is. Kaufman Stadium’s centerfield measures 410 feet and is symmetrical. Camden Yards is not, their centerfield measures 400 feet. The bullpen rarely pitches breaking balls, but are most likely going to pitch a fast ball or change up.  Pitchers don’t bat in the AL. The Royal’s chew Double Bubble. Cain deserved MVP with those killer catches and strong at bats. Moose and Hosmer…they’re alright too. If we were in a different income tax bracket, we’d consider getting tickets for a game!

Other recent highlights include: enjoying our home…Michael’s pancakes, cookies and creme brulle treat it right. We’ve been lighting candles for dinner. Hensley’s new ballet outfit debuts nightly which includes dance parties…a good cardio for me…that girl has rhythm and adorable moves! We took our smoker to the Evil Monkey Party and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, a lot of food, and some great people. Ink Magazine photographed our house for November’s “At Home With” Series. Tegegne gets his homework done in 5 minutes and is back to chasing a sibling or sorting Pokemon cards. Fields is most affected by all of the pancakes and “tookies,” and needs some cardio. Michael is now a bike commuter, rain, thunder, or shine. (Did you know drivers can now get a ticket for harassing cyclists?)  I’m still working for LSID, sorting the kids clothes, and dreaming up some new ventures!

Talk soon!

Photos taken by the talented Jeremy Parsons.