Fields: You’re Oh So Two

fields turns 2

Fields, hi there sweet, hilarious, cuddly boy. You turned two last week (February 13) and nearly everything about you changed. Daddy and I are appalled at how TWO you are now! Your voice is heard, or you get louder. Hearing those complex sentences come out with that cute little voice is melting me. Per doctors recommendations at your two year check up, we did away with your pacifier. Aka hushie. You actually threw them all away yourself, with my help. And by golly, did that work. If you ask for it we remind you that you are a Big Boy and you smile, giggle, and move on from thoughts of your hushie. We have overcompensated with more snuggling, you and I. It’s true, you’re a big boy. This morning after everyone was finished with pancakes and moved on to playing we found you back at the island, eating the rest of Hensley’s pancake remains. Food is not your enemy. I recently discovered that you, and H and T like spinach salad with this yummy Aldi salad dressing. What a discovery that was!

I could go on about what’s a changing with you, because it’s so much, but I’m going nighty night too. I pushed myself to get back on here and write again, but I’m not keeping myself up until midnight to do so.

Love you more than you love Tookies!



Tegegne: You’re 7 Today!

FullSizeRender IMG_4161 IMG_4162 IMG_4168

roller rink

Happy Stinkin’ Birthday, Son! The whole family seriously had a blast celebrating YOU. It was a full day. We are all tired, a little wired, and cashing out early. The good Lord blessed your birthday. You are seven. Wow. Some highlights included: breakfast pan”cake” with candles, and a “real life” photo shoot by Mrs. Ashley Parsons through breakfast! (can’t wait to see those), your roller skating party (where we totally went 80s), and a fabulous outdoor dining experience at Taco Republic where you dominated the bean bag toss and dad gave you the first of many juggling lessons. : ) We didn’t sport our 80’s clothes to dinner, fyi. You are pumped about your new cozy North Face jacket, the Lego movie, your funny alarm clock, and Swat Team Suit!

Here’s the real question: how’d we get so lucky? We praise God for leading us to nearly five years ago. I think of birth mom today. She would be proud of you, Son. She loves you. We just sent a photo package with updates of you, and the orphanage in Ethiopia is supposed to get it to her. I will pray that she received it.

P.S. You love wearing black…and hey I agree…it looks so good on you! You are modest. Hensley has to leave the room when you change, but Fields can stay.

Love you to the moon and back.