Moments: To Stop the Clock

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There are these sweet moments in life where everything is alright. More than alright. Moments when time needs to stop so we can take it all in. The tiny hand patting my back, that says “Mama, I love you!” The giggles at the park on the breezy spring morning. The good big brother helping sister button her dress for church. The backyard bon fire on Memorial Day with a slew of really cool kids.  I love capturing these moments. When you become adults I want you to be able to look back and see clips of childhood. Relive the story, and set yourself back in that sweet moment.




FineFolk: Fashion Show

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Here’s is a portion of the spring collection from Finefolk, a new boutique in Kansas City! And yes, that’s me doing my best impression of a casual model walk!  I had so much fun being in the show…but “modeling” will not be my new day job. It was a full day’s work of hair and makeup and hanging out with 20 gals (ages 14-42!). I do love the clothing…see the full collection on the Finefolk Facebook page. And shop the store on Southwest Boulevard…© 2013 FINEFOLK SHOP + STUDIO 1000 W 25TH STREET KANSAS CITY, MO 64108


Down: On the Farm

photo 3 (4) photo 2 (1) photo 2 photo 3 photo 4Last weekend we visited Orien, pictured with Fields in the first photo, for his third birthday! It was very nice to be in the country with cousins flying kites, throwing dirt, and laughing it up on this boat!