Broccoli: And Brock Davis





banana tree stump
said goodbye to the bear on my face

Michael came across Brock Davis, and we totally love his work. The first broccoli photo is titled, broccoli carving for my sweetheart.

One can find brockdavis on Instagram or his website.

Happy Monday!


A Change: In Me?!?

kids will be kids
Kids will be kids. After this photo one of them probably hit the other with a shoe while someone else whined for the IPAD!

In this season of lent and life, I am doing this painfully unnatural exercise of examining myself, my tendencies, and asking God to reveal new things to me so I can grow and change. This thought didn’t come to me like, “Oh, that sounds “fun!” but rather I don’t love how things are going and maybe I need to change. Through this process I am learning that I often long for life to feel and be idyllic. When it is not, I squirm and “daydream” for better days. I dream up a vacation, or our “moving to the coast of France!” (Yeah, I’m a 7 on the Enneagram.) Although a vacation and a stint to France would be wonderful, I ask, what does it look like to live in the present? Here. Now.

My tendency is to think of hope with an ideal picture of an outcome. I forget that hoping in God and Jesus is different than my picture of this boxed-in happy, easy life. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven...what does it look like to hope in that?

I must say these things that God is showing me, take so much practice, and thought. I have much to learn, and I’m realizing that it is reading the bible that keeps me present to God.  (Um hmm, I really need to remember this, even if it is listening to a Psalm on the way to work.)

I also just re-read my last post about the In Between. I chuckle because that thought process was what I long for the In Between to be. Honestly, though, I sometimes dread pushing my sweet girl on the swing again because I want to chat with the other moms (or I can’t walk on the wood chips in my platform sandals I wore to work!). I really loose my patience when the kids take what seems like 25 minutes to get buckled in the car. Life is real, not always ideal. And that’s okay too. Who knows what my kids will remember from childhood.  They will see me mess up, but maybe in that I can show humility, and teach them that God allows us to trying again.

The Sacred: In Between


Between the hours of three and five you can find us IN BETWEEN. One big part of the day is done, Tegegne had a full day of school, Hensley and Fields played with Emily while I worked, or in the case of a Monday or Friday, they hung out with yours truly. We are in anticipation to reunite with Daddy-O, who also had a big day at school. Usually I don’t have dinner planned (hoping I move into a better planned season asap, starting tomorrow would be nice). It’s this in between time where the four of us hang out. It usually involves shutting down the school playground or gymnasium, aka being one of the last to leave. And in the case of the special day above, I treated you to ice cream in a cone for awesome sake!

The thing I’ve come to realize about this in between time, is that it’s sacred. I am a lucky mama. Yes, spread thin with three on one, but if I can wiggle things around just right we usually have a good time together. Meaning, if I turn “my agenda” to mush and tune in to your desires to be pushed on the swing or held or played with. You are little people that will someday be adults. I really want you to tell your adult friends how much you like your parents. How you respected us for raising you like this or that. Parenthood is one of the finest and hardest jobs out there.

Cheers to the in between! Cheers to you remembering the good times of your childhood!

P.S. I must also note that we had the best dance party ever Monday night. It was all 5 of us, especially Dad going crazy in the car and then continuing the party in the house. We were all busting a move like no bodies business. There will be more dancing in this house soon, very soon. I’m just going to go ahead and name it Movin’ Groovin’ Monday…a family dance party to get our week started off right!

Three Days: A Week

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Hensley and Fields,

You get to spend 3 days a week with one of the sweetest nannies. She took all of these photos. We are so lucky to have her looking out for you while I’m at work. She takes you all over town to play groups, the library, the zoo, and you love spending time with her. I get to go to work and keep my design juices flowing, and you get to play all day. It’s a double win for sure.

P.S. How badly do I need to update my header photo? Mega bad. Don’t have a family photo with Fields yet…BUT a friend is doing it for us soon!


Hello Spring, Hello Blog

bloomed tree

Spring has sprung! Hello again. It has been so long I’m not quite sure how to start. But I’m writing this quick note to say hi. The past season of life was long and I definitely missed writing here. All in all, we have much to be thankful for.

Today I’m thankful for Tegegne’s stellar soccer game. Son, you scored 4 goals, passed the ball, and blocked several from the other team. Hensley and Fields were with Grandma Debby, so Daddy and I got to spend time alone with you at a coffee shop after the game. Pretty nice to have you to ourselves. It’s been so long since it was just the three of us. Will soccer be your sport? I remember clearly the Ethiopian, Marcus Samuelson’s soccer story in his memoir Yes Chef. No matter what path you choose, you are deeply loved.

Fieldsy just woke up and we are headed to a friends birthday party. Cheers to cake and balloons and life with small children!