Counting Down: Looking Up

Howdy, howdy! Sooooo, we’re like in the single digits now…yep. This vagabond family is about to reunite in our new home. Currently our floors are being patched, sanded, and refinished. Our cabinets will be installed tomorrow, Friday, and Monday. Our countertops, they say are 2.5 weeks after the cabinets are in…but we’re going to move in without them. (Not sure if we’ll have a cooktop or kitchen sink, but we’ll have a fridge and an oven!) We are also moving in without our mudroom finished, some trim, and a few other items that can wait.

Michael’s “to-do” list is install dryer vent, closet organizers (which I’m helping with tomorrow while a friend watches the kids for 2 hours!), and then the kitchen appliances.

In the mean time…

I absolutely love this composition.
I really like these Humanoid Sneakers, which I cannot afford.
ELLE Decoration 0613StylingBilderTrendKråkvikD'Orazio
I have aspirations for pretty plants to contrast our white walls in our house.
This simple fireplace makes me think of ours.

via my pinterest.


Hello: How Are You?

Dear (Public) Diary,

Hello there. We have done a few things since I last sat down to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I’ve failed to write about them. Probably because I was busy doing those things. My apologies.

A highlight of the last month for me was a visit to a Benedictine Monastery, where I joined some sisters in the prayer and silence. I was very blessed by a wonderful afternoon of conversation with one of the older wiser nuns. What a devout life those ladies live. I was happy to catch a glimpse and enjoy their hospitality in the guest quarters.

Round the condo we’ve been pulling our hairs out…bursting at the seams and really just bursting. Ha! Tegegne is very ready for his own room, where he can play with his age appropriate toys and not have younger siblings pestering. He’s getting more media time than normal, but that’s ok.

Hensley and Fields are enjoying their sweet new babysitter. Fields realized that walking is better than crawling, yay!  If I would say we’re going home she says, no, we are going to the Condo! She needs to clarify that the condo isn’t home. 

We have had a lot of change this year and we will all breathe out a big yoga exhale when we are back into our family groove. Daddy! That’s what we all need more of! I often forget to say, I am grateful for this season, as challenging as it is. Life isn’t just full of warm chocolate chip cookies. They have to be made, the burning of butter, and the waiting for 8 whole minutes in the oven. What we are learning as a family, as a married couple, in this season will prepare us much better for the next one. I hope for God’s abundant blessing as we move into our new house. Blessings of rich time together, all 5 of us. Until then, paint on awesome husband. And kids, be kind to your mother.

Love you all,


Our year of memories from 2013!!
This is our kitchen which will house lovely cabinets from Bootlace Design Build, a big pendant light, and barstools that we haven’t purchased!
Michael got to be gym teacher the other day! Dodgeball it is.
5+ months of hard work for this guy…a vacation is in store!
Taking care of their mother.
This is our family room! Can’t wait to decorate for Christmas next year with our big picture window!