Counting Blessings: In Comfortable Pants


Tis the season to count our many blessing, sit around the fire with extended family, and wear comfortable pants. Thanksgiving. A holiday filled with tradition. One of those traditions is surrounding the dinner table. Time spent around the table at Thanksgiving is probably one of the most important “table times” of the year. To sit together, to celebrate, to share stories, and eat Grammie’s delicious spread! The anticipation leading up to the table and the content state afterwards are divine, aren’t they?

Years past, we have hosted Thanksgiving which we are stoked to do in our new kitchen. We’re getting a double oven, especially for hosting Thanksgiving!

Over at Harrision House, the windows are glistening! One window left, and it’s being installed this morning. They have to cut several feet of brick out, as the window above our kitchen sink is much larger than the existing opening. The house seriously looks happy and livable with new windows.

Enjoy the holiday! Try to avoid shopping at stores open on Thanksgiving day, because seriously, everyone needs the opportunity to celebrate.




Fieldsy: You’re Big

fieldsy fieldsy2 fieldsy3

Fieldsy, you are big! Still little, but big. And not walking yet. I love holding you, but daddy and I cannot wait for you to discover those adorable feet you have. You are precious. So patient, and sweet. I love your chubby fingers in the third photo. (Thanks for the pics Kate!)

Something exciting happened yesterday. Michael called and said we got a check from Wells Fargo for $2700. Some sort of extra money from our mortgage. I dunno, but the first thing I said is set that puppy aside for a vacation! This family of 5 is going to hit the road together after this season of building a house is over.  Or hit the sky, but I know that money won’t go as far as my naive mind thinks it will! Anywho, the vacation to Florida was a special treat for Hensley, Fields and I and we long for Tegegne and Daddy to come along. Kids, it’s going to be all about you this time (I don’t mean Disney World just yet). We want to enjoy you, enjoy ourselves. Rekindle our family unit. Thanks God for that blessing. And thanks, kids, for being flexible as Daddy and I work on your house. You are gonna like it, I promise.



3506: Getting Hexy!


I’m so excited about decorating your bedrooms at Harry House! Tegegne, I’m especially excited about the Hexagon Tiles we’re putting down in your room as an area rug! Trendwatch: Hexagons…Getting Hexy! I should have done the ads for them! Your rug will have a live edge, like the second photo.


They come in these color ways…via Shaw Contract Group!



Fieldsy, you’re getting a super soft off-white shag rug. It’s a 5 foot round! Hensley, I’m not quite done with you! TBD.



3506: DIY + Hire A Guy

Hi again. Oh children, you are doing so well in our transition. We are all loving the coziness of the condo, and the walkability to parks, restaurants, and the Plaza Library. Over at “Harry House” Michael is trucking right along, but we’re also hiring some help! Here are some of our latest decisions made…

Most excitingly, our friend Ryan Commet with Bootlace Design Build ( will be making our kitchen cabinets. Look at what he’s done recently. Simply awesome.Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 9.15.39 AMrc Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 9.15.59 AM 1426202_221999544638067_296081648_n



We hired window installers, our friend Brad to help with electrical, and will hire mudding! Today I ordered a master bath tub, faucets, tile for all bathrooms, and the kids toilet. We’ll do all dual flush toilets. (for Master bath we ordered Toto Aquia!)

Eating the elephant, one bite at a time.

Enjoy your weekend! We hope to spend some time in the leaves.