3506: The Ideal Pendant

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 9.22.34 PM

So, I’m loving my new job. Part time work is great. The laundry is piled up, of course. Once we are in our new home with full time access to our W&D (we share days with Micah and Taryn now) I will be able to do a little each day. Why is it that I always jump straight to laundry. Blah.

We are enjoying this semi-crazy season of life though. Each time we go in our new house, another lightbulb goes on in Hensley’s 2-year-old brain. She knows she definitely doesn’t want to sleep in her room in its current state, but we’ve discussed that it will be clean and cozy and she will sleep on her bed, not the floor.

Tegegne makes sure to find a nail somewhere and pull it out with a hammer on each visit. We got to know the neighbors better at a block party this weekend, and he loved playing in the fire hydrant with his new waterproof cast. (Our neighbor is a fire chief which made that legal, as well as blocking off our semi-busy street.)

Like I’ve said before, Tom Kundig is designer that inspires me. I love his steel elements, and layering of materials. Another thing I like from him is black and white contrast. We will try to do black lights and black raw steel against our white walls. Speaking of lightbulbs going on…I have found the ideal pendant…and we’ll take 3 of them to go over our dining table…I’m SO excited. For one, the lights I look at for work are gorgeous, but cost a nearly third of our total budget. Secondly, this one has the industrial look we’re going for and thirdly, it’s RUBBER! It comes all smushed in the box like the gray one below! It’s 11.75″ x 13″ diameter. On sale for $160 at DWR. Check out Muuto’s website and other awesome products. Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 9.24.08 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 9.54.11 PM Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 9.54.07 PM Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 9.53.54 PM Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 9.53.49 PM

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Chocolate Covered: Something


Life is like a box a chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Unless the box of chocolates comes from the fabulous Kansas City chocolatier, Christopher Elbow…then you know every bite will be pure bliss. Chocolates though, really? Let’s be honest. Even chocolate covered pine cones taste better than what life can sometimes bring. We have friends going through moments of great joy in which we praise God, and others that are going through really tough situations. In these moments saying Thank you, God, can look more difficult.

Sometimes joy comes as pure blessing in the midst of ordinary or good times. In a different season, joy may come after pain and sadness. In the midst of struggling, is it possible to catch a glimpse of something good?

I am hoping that I choose to see, when difficulty comes my way. I also hope (this hope can come by doing) I am able to believe what is true.

I hope to remember that even though there are big floaties in my water from my one year old, I still have water to drink. And a one-year-old to share it with.

I hope to remember that God gave me a beautiful new home, a talented husband, and blessing upon blessing regarding this move, when I am doing our children’s bedtime routine by myself, as Michael works hard on our new house.

I hope to muster up the energy to start packing boxes, to cook dinner for my family, and to love Michael and my children well during this season.

I hope to see glimpses of heaven on earth, as our pastor mentioned today. As I speak of hope, I am reminded that so many in our city that are struggling to make it. Some folks that would do anything for the taste of chocolate covered something.

My prayer tonight for those folks is this. May God’s love and the abundance of life in Christ be yours. May your hungry stomach be fed. May your child know of your love. May you get a break, get a fresh start, be blessed by hope. I hope the best for you…you deserve the Christopher Elbow of chocolates.

And to my family, may you see the hope of Christ in me.

Dear Tegegne: You are Brave


Dear Tegegne,

Thanks for being so brave. Since you broke your right and dominate arm, you are working so hard with using your left. Writing, drawing…M. Thomas has been so proud of you. I just love ya. So much. You and Daddy changed your Lego car into a transformer guy today and you were so excited to tell me that you did it in 30 minutes!

You are thoughtful. After my big presentation at work, I picked you up from school, and you asked how my meeting went. You are 5 and you remembered to genuinely ask me about my meeting. You asked, “Mommy, did they pick yours to be the best?” Soon enough you’ll be six. I am excited to celebrate you. Remember that your first party is also Fieldsy’s 1st birthday, so he’ll get lots of attention. So will Hensley, because she is really concerned that we’re forgetting about her birthday (which is in Feb). We’ll make sure to remind you about your own party with 6 friends the next weekend. The one you where you want to have a “mite spider cake” because I freak out when I turn that card over on our insect matching game. Out of all the cakes you could pick!



3506: And In Between

We checked this sweet book out on vacation this summer and it was so applicable.

Hey fam. You are all sleeping soundly. I should be to, but ah well…So as a seven on the Enneagram, change energizes me. It just so happens that right now change is occurring in many aspects of our lives. I was talking with God about this.  It’s a little change in one area of my life that’s normally enough to get me going! There is a lot going on, but we are sticking together and in a few months more dust will settle.

We have an inspection this Wednesday. As long as that passes, we’ll be on track to close mid October and move to midtown! Yay for less car time, right kids? Yay for Brad coming to help Michael with electrical tomorrow! Over at Harrison House all we have left to do is electrical, drywall, plumbing, a make-shift kitchen*, a bathroom or two (eventually 3), some new windows, a driveway, fence, and bam. (Our to-do list is far from small, but somewhere in the mix we’ll move in.)

I keep reminding myself that Jesus fed around 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and two fish. The next 39 days will include 2 boys birthday parties (of which Hensley is very confused…reminding us each time we speak of either boys birthday that SHE ALSO has a BIRTHDAY worthy of celebrating), a beach vacation (for mommy, Hensley, and Fields,  mommy’s college friends, their kids + a few sitters), all of our normal stuff such as work, school, church, small group and family, and lots of time on Harrison Blvd.

I spent 4 solid hours there today by myself, working away. I love being there. There is such a nice feeling, especially since our friends wrote scriptures all over the place.

Daddy’s numbness is much better, thanks to a great chiropractor a friend suggested. We thank you, God for our health, our houses, and all that you are doing in our lives.



*Our definition of a make-shift kitchen is a kitchen with all it’s working parts, just not the finished product. We’ll mock it up, building temporary cabinets/tables where the real ones will eventually go. And try to put the sink and DW where they’ll go in the final, so Michael doesn’t have to move plumbing twice.  

I’ve gotta also add that Tim Keel is speaking on Revelation at Jacob’s Well Church and it is so interesting.

Fields Benjamin: 11 Months

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 10.34.32 PM Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 10.32.45 PM Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 10.34.51 PM Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 10.34.13 PM

Eleven months and exploring the world, one drawer at a time. Time keeps flying by…you are almost one sweet Fieldsy but we are going to go ahead and call this your 11 month post. These “Month Photos” are non-traditional but definitely show this month of your life quite well. You can get SO MUCH TOILET PAPER off the roll in a matter of seconds. It takes me a seriously long time to rewrap the stuff. Your nickname will surely be Bealsy, thanks to your Big Sister. Tegegne says that your first word was “cow.” You say Mama now and are noticing that it is connected to me, which makes you raise your eyebrows and grin : ). You and Hens thoroughly enjoyed Day Two with sweet Dillon, and our reunion at Tegegne’s school was so good. You were kicking and grinning ear to ear. Speaking of which, Daddy and I noticed that your ears come from my side of the family. We are a family of good-sized ears, which can make for a good listener.

Milestones, milestones. You are fully weaned and no longer sad about it…just eating a lot of food to make up the calories. Thanks for not being too bummed that I went back to work part-time. It just makes our time together, even more special. My time a work revives me, and when we’re together I’m probably going to spoil you more. It’s a win, win. On Friday, you, Hens and I are going to the zoo with Andie and Orien. I asked Hensley if she wanted to see a monkey and she said, “And Bealsy wants to see a Baby Monkey!” So we’ll try to find you a baby monkey, okay?

Yesterday you stood for 2 seconds, balanced. You can crawl so fast, but I’m sure you’ll soon realize walking is even faster! I’ve tried to prep myself that it’ll be okay if Dillon gets to see your first steps. Firsts of many. It is so fun to be a part of your life, Fields. Thanks for being such a happy and easy going kid. We love you.

Mommy, Daddy, Tegegne and Hensley

P.S. Daddy’s nickname for you is MVP. Oh, and I’ve got to add a highlight of Labor Day…We did a picnic at Smithville Lake. It’s our sacred space. Always a special family time. This time, Daddy could not handle your reaction to having the windows down and the breeze in your hair. The wind makes you giggle. You can’t stop and your hair blows out on all sides. Its hilarious. We were all laughing so hard. They always say it’s the little things in life…and they’re right.

Bicycle Mama: Rooftop Party + Basement Boxes

logo-300x127 (1)

So, my third and fourth hours on the job were attending KC Magazines Best of 2013 where Lisa (Lisa Schmitz Interior Design) took home two interior design awards! Yeah she did! Pick up the magazine to see the long list of Best’s throughout Kansas City, including Best Date Night location! The party was on the Downtown Library’s Rooftop. We had a blast! It was really great to spend that time with Lisa before our first full workweek together.

Here is more of Lisa’s fabulous portfolio.


This gorgeous residence was a collaboration with, and personal residence of a principal from 360 Architecture (my previous employer) Look for it in Spaces Magazine!
This is actually my new workplace, Lisa Schmitz Interior Design Studio on Gregory Blvd. I could not be more thrilled about this workspace. It’s a stones-throw away from Michael’s school, so I’m sure he will bring me a cookie from the local bakery every now and then. Or pick up on that hint by reading this!!!

579548_10151330897477149_2073387889_n 40047_442458922148_7425195_n 40047_442458917148_1217566_n 40047_442458912148_520623_n 35616_10150092240507149_4632721_n 167000_10150092240637149_5054204_n

I am so excited to start on Tuesday! Especially for the project that we’re getting underway! Eeeks!!!

Hensley saw Dillon (her soon-to-be new buddy/sitter) at church today and got excited. Excited in a Hensley way, can often still be reserved, but she at least talked to her. Our conversations have been so cute. I talk about the fun things they’ll do and she makes sure she says, “And you’ll go bye-bye?” The more prepared we are for this transition, the better. Fields is officially “weaned” and ready! He turns one in 2 weeks!

Oh, and we sold our house today. Thank you, God! Even better…a family bought it that has children via foster care. Michael and I prayed for a family with kids to live here. As long as the inspection and appraisal go well, we are on our way to Harrison House in about two months and hand these keys over to a new family! This afternoon the kids and I played with trains and started purging and packing boxes!