Thursday: With Nana

Nana got to play all day wit our  us and we loved it! 
Highlights included:
A trip to one of our favorite parks at 66th Terrace and Main, while Mommy visited her friend Nancy for  a quick trim at Vincent Greer Salon.
Lunch on the back deck.
Finding “Peter” the grasshopper and feeding him grass all day. (Because Spiderman’s real name is Peter, you know!)
Lots of quality book time with Nana including the “Where’s Waldo” Bible story style!

Love you Nana!


A Week: To Remember

Tegegne, your 5th birthday party was seriously fun. You were so nice to include your sister, too.
Hensley, you have really been making us laugh lately. You love being goofy.
Mirror, mirror in Fields’ crib! When awake, he likes to look into the mirror!
Fields, here you are at 1 week and 4 days, 7 lb 8 oz. You’ve been such an awesome baby so far!

What a week! Michael was home. Fields spent his first week here. Tegegne turned 5.  Hensley tried to find her place in it all. And I am no longer hugely pregnant, but get to carry my little bundle around and sit him down if I need to! I can reach the kitchen faucet with ease now, but still spent much time off my feet while Michael handled all-things-kitchen. 

Highlights included:

Great food! Thanks to friends and collegues for the delicious food. (organized via A ready-for-fall chicken pot pie and one to freeze, an apple pie delivered warm to our front door, homemade mac n’ cheese, beef and veggie cabobs with Tzatziki sauce, Italian sausage lasagna, artisan chocolates for me (via mail from Aunt Jan).

The perfect 5 year old day! Tegegne, your birthday was quite awesome, wasn’t it? It started with a trip to our family fav, Soho Bakery, where you picked out a huge cinnamon roll. You opened presents throughout the day and were stoked with each one. Nana delivered your gift to the house, which included the coolest new leather belt with your name stamped in. At 4pm you, Hens, and Ababayeh went door-to-door picking up your 4 birthday guests. Then you spent the next 4.5 hours with friends. Ababayeh and I sat back and watched you all play and what a show that was. There was no need for organized games, because of your young imaginations. The parents came around 7:30 for cake and adult beverages and a bon fire. We will continue this format for parties from here on out. We imagined Hensley’s 5th birthday party and how different it will be with 4 little girls in pigtails playing, verses your wildly adventurous play with the boys. 

Fields, the hassle-free baby! Thanks for listening to all of my pep talks towards the end of pregnancy, where I suggested you be a hassle-free baby! Last night you woke twice to eat at 11:30 pm and 4 am. You’re teeny tiny and adorable and we love your soft fluffy brown hair with golden highlights! Your jaundice test came back negative. Nana got you a few G diapers with hemp inserts. We plan to get a few more because we love them. 

Hang in there Hensley! This transition would not go in your book of “Best Times of My Life,” but you will make it through. Besides some sad times and tantrums, you do love Fields which you say at the top of your lungs “Beels, Beels!” or you call him “Hazel,” your upstairs baby friend. You hold him, kiss him, and touch his nose. A highlight for you has been your hours of sweet time with Daddy. You two are attached at the hip and I know Daddy is going to miss you so much while at school this week. You were so happy to see Gramma Debby first thing this morning, and you will also get a special day with Nana on Thursday.

The week was topped off with Uncle Eric and Aunt Erica’s visit. We enjoyed the Plaza Art Fair, Lulu’s Takeout, bon fires, and mostly laughs and sitting together.

Michael, thanks. Miss you already.



Brotherly Love: 1 Week and 5 Years

Good morning sweet little baby. You are one week old today. Ninety percent of the time I’m waking you to eat during the night, but as the weeks go by, I’ll be doing this much less. But there’s no reason for our roles to change, dear one. You can just keep on sleeping, k? I feel at peace and super content with you home. Your dad is doing a fine job at giving us rest, having the meals ready, and helping sweet Hensley through this big change in her life. Poor Hens. I was gone on bed rest then come home with a new baby. She loves you, and holds you and kisses you, but she’s sometimes quite sad at me. 

Tegegne, you’re 5 years old today! You are sooo happy to be 5, you’re so happy about the Spiderman costume, like all boys your age are. Dad is busy making you a bug cake, and getting ready for your small but special party tonight. 

I love my boys. And that sweet sister sandwiched in between. Oh motherhood, what a blessing.


9.13.12: Welcome Fields Benjamin

Hi Sweet Baby Fields,

Life is quite good. Your birthing adventure hit a peak and now we are resting in the valley. We did it. With lots of support. You’re here. We’re tired, but have peace. I’ve been spoiled with special deliveries of chai lattes and cranberry orange scones two days in a row. You’re enjoying eating as well, every 2.5 to 3 hours for 20 to 30 minutes. Your check ups have been good, and we’re snuggling quite a bit. Twice now, we’ve had the family of 5 together and your dad and I love it. 

Joy, joy, joy deep down in my heart, deep down in my heart to stay!



All-Generous: And Blessed

For God is sheer beauty,
    all-generous in love,
    loyal always and ever.

Psalm 100:5, The Message

I’ve heard from Grandma Debby several times. This was a highlight:

“Tegegne wants to tell Ababayeh that he’s running to train to be a policeman. You’ll never believe how far he ran. The whole path of the back 40 (acres) and half of the front 40. We’re following behind him very slowly in the Gator. Hensley loves cheering him on.”

This message came before 9am the next morning:

“Tegegne’s out running again! Stopped to catch a grass hopper, and off again!”

And some more shout outs to my peeps:

Thanks Aunt Donna, for taking another Trader Joes order!
Thanks Tara for dinner last night.
Thanks Cela for the visit this morning.
Thanks Jan for hanging out this afternoon.
Plus all of the dear folks that have made us meals and that are signing up to do so.

Blessed, I feel so blessed by God through all of you generous folks. We are so grateful. Thank you for taking care of our family. We love you.

Fields, we are now hours away from meeting you rather than days. Sweet anticipation. Your dad and I were talking about our anticipation when we met your brother, Tegegne. This is the same feeling, but quite different. You see, when meeting your brother we were in a foreign land in the back of a bus. We pulled up to this orphanage and knew he was inside. We wondered if he understood that he would meet us and we would be his parents. We sat in small chairs as we waited for our names to be called. Then they called us. We stood and watched as your cute big brother walked in those little black boots out to our arms. And we were smitten. Just as we will be when you are placed in our arms tomorrow. See you in the am baby boy.



Due Date: Written In Ink


Due Date Official: Thursday, September 13, 2012, 8am. 

And now a shout out to my peeps:
Thanks honey, for the slumber parties and old Office episodes that make me laugh out loud.
Thanks Tara for the peppermint tea.
Thanks Katie for the in-house bang trim, + Nick and Judah for the visit, flowers, magazine, and air freshener!
Thanks Micah and Taryn + Hazel for the sparkling water + yummy tea and all of my other requests from home. Plus the extra visit this morning!
Thanks Amy, for walking in playing your ukulele and the laughs and the visit.
Thanks Alan and Shanna for the sweet flowers and visit. 
Thanks Aunt Donna for the massage, dinner, + Robert for the visit.
Thanks Mike and Deb for the visit, magazines, and KC Star.
Thanks Mom for the visits, the pretty flowers, + thanks to you + Dad for keeping the children. XO
Thanks children for coming in and kissing me, dancing for me, and for being my bestest pals.
Thanks Tricia and Sela for the stellar magazines and visit and the special lip gloss application. 

Love ya.