Baby: Mama’s Nesting

Dear Fields,

Made you a bunny. And a mobile. And Gramma bought you some cute outfits and cozy blankies. I have extra fluid, and you must feel that you are a fish in a tank. I never remember Hensley moving this much! It is crazy to watch from the outside, and feels so funny. Love you little stink. See ya in a few weeks. Ah, that’s gonna be cool.




For the Mama: And Her Ears

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? I’ve been on the hunt for some new earrings. In fact, I’ll just be honest and say that I’ve wasted several hours of moonlight looking for earrings while I can’t sleep.

Happy Thursday!


(All earrings sourced here.)

Fashion: For the Mama


I’m ready to cozy up in this outfit for fall. And drink chai lattes, and sit out back with my family (and possibly some friends) with our fire pit, and snuggle up with my bebe.

Bag, Zara. Sweatshirt, Madewell. Skirt and Kick Butt Sneaks, Humanoid…out of price range, humpf. Linked here.

Pregnancy: What’s Up Doc?

A little update from my doc. 
(Good thing he’s such a good doc, because he sure does keep ya waiting!)
Me: So when are we gonna get him outta here?
Doc: You’ll stay on your contraction meds (Procardia) until 36 weeks, then we’ll do another sonogram to see if you still have previa. If your previa has resolved, we wait until 39 weeks to schedule a c-section, or you can go into labor on your own. If your previa hasn’t resolved, then we can do a growth scan and schedule it before 39 weeks. 

So that’s that. I won’t be 39 weeks until September 26th, so I ordered a jar of patience off Etsy. And I ordered a camo body suit so when I do go in public, I don’t have to answer the kind inquisitive folks questions about twins, etc. 

My mom was just here for 4 days, and boy did we enjoy that. I have the kids and some books to keep me entertained during the day. And a really supportive husband who comes home after school. His dear class set up a meal schedule ( for us during this time. 

Before we know it, Tegegne will be 5! (on Sept 20th) So we are discussing the details of his small but special birthday party. 

It’s also quite exciting when Michael starts a new school year. The kids and I stop by the classroom, or pack lunches and join his class throughout the year. We love getting to know the students, too. He and I had a blast brainstorming decor for his classroom, and I love what he’s done. 

Happy almost Friday to you.

Baby Boy: Wants + Wishes

Simple little outfit by Mabo.
Winter knit hat from Zara.
This shirt comes in tiny 3-6 months and is only $7.90! Zara.
Blue skinny trousers. Zara.
Sweet little sneaks come in tiny size 2! Zara.
(Mabo, Zara

Wants… (I’d like to have the things below here when you come…which may be sooner than later!)

This little knot hat (want in black) is only $6.50! American Apparel.
An amazing Swedish snot sucker that several friends love. NoseFrida.

I love these blankets, but did you know there’s like a super soft version and a sorta soft version? I think the super soft version is the bamboo collection and we can get them at Lauren Alexandra in Brookside! Aden + Anais.

A good friend got Hens one of these and woah soft and cozy. She sleeps with it every night. Little Giraffe.