Life: And Living

Is that grass really greener on the other side? 
What in life makes you happy? Remember a time when you felt full of joy?
Is there a person you’d like to write a letter to via paper and pen?
Perhaps a neighbor to have for dinner?
A bike to ride to take, new city to visit, an old song that brings back memories?

What about the daily things in life?
Do you enjoy matching socks?
Washing the dishes by hand?
Have you done any spring cleaning?
Do you enjoy cooking or eating more? Is that a ridiculous question?

Or does your heart feel heavy, and is something causing you pain?
Have you lost a loved one, a companion, a baby-yet-to-be-born?
Do you wonder if the grass could possibly be green anywhere?
Are you one to share your feelings or hold them in?

Happy or sad.
Really energized or just plain tired.
Optimistic or a bit bummed. 
Twiddle dee dee or toe hum hum.

Life and living.
A new day tomorrow.
Breathing in, and out.
Being, just being.



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