Baby + Party: Boy or Girl + Recipes

What will you be little baby? We should find out this Friday at our sonogram! Then we will give you a name and get more excited for your arrival this fall. 

I’ve been thinking of you more often. Especially because I feel you moving. That’s nice. At my last appointment, I had to choose whether or not to do the testing to find out if you have down syndrome, or other things. We waved that test. I just want to let you know, that we’ll love you with all our might no matter what.

So will you be a boy or a girl? Tegegne says boy. Ababayeh says girl. Grandpa Ben guessed girl, Grandma Debby thinks boy. I also think you are a boy. Hens probably is rallying for a sister to play dolls with, that won’t want to wrestle her…or she may want a brother who won’t be sharing her wardrobe! 

On another note, the Ladies Night, Shop and Swap was a total blast. I think there were 43 lovely women here. Wished I could have visited more with everyone. It was so fun to hear of everyone enjoying their new outfits!
We hope to have a low key family week before Michael heads off to France next week.

P.S. Here were a few of the recipes from the party!


Ladies Night: Shop and Swap!

Well, it’s here! Ladies night, shop and swap, Springtime Edition! Are you coming? (If you’re a friend, or a friend of a friend, look for the invite on facebook.) About 40 of you are planning to be here, and I’d say we are going to have a smashing time. How am I pulling this off without my mother’s help, you ask? With the help of good friends, and a dear husband that took a personal day. We are getting set up, dusting off a few things, and looking forward to your arrival at 6.

And yes, Michael is baking chocolate chip cookies, and we will have that killer vanilla bean butter and fresh baked bread. So if you’re not in it for the clothing, at least come for the food! 




Fab Finds: Retro Furniture

On our way home from a fabulous St Louis weekend, we stopped at one of the famous Iman Auction’s in mid-Missouri. And yes, you guessed it…we bought this mustard gold sofa + two accompanying blue swivel chairs (not pictured), the Chromcraft blue vinyl sofa set with tables, as well as a new retro dining table and 6 chairs! We scored big time! 

Iman Auction happens to be my parents family-owned business which my grandfather started many moons ago. Their auctions are mostly in the Columbia and North of Columbia, mid-MO region, but at times they have auctions in Kansas City. And, check this out…my one-and-only brother, Eric Iman, holds online auctions, and will soon head to Kansas City to continue the family business in our neck of the woods!!! He and my father also do real estate! 

Dear Dad,

Thanks for showing me the importance of remembering someone’s name, giving a firm handshake, and being a good, honest person. When we were at your auction yesterday we noticed how the people there highly respect you. I feel so proud when I get to say I’m Ben Iman’s daughter. 




Dear Eric,

You can find humor anywhere and your laugh is so enjoyable. People love being around you. It was so neat to see how you supported Erica during her show this weekend and through her time in grad school. Good work, bro. I love being introduced as your little sister!



Erica Iman: Ceramics Show

Erica, seriously amazing show. These photos are just a glimpse into what the experience felt like walking around your show Saturday night. I wish I could post your artist statement that goes with these works. It was beautiful and seriously good. It was such a great night celebrating you and all of the work you’ve accomplished. What you’ve done, and what’s yet to come! I also am beyond excited that we got one of your drawings! (We bought the middle drawing/pouring…she takes black oxide and pours on the canvas in many containers and then sprays water, etc…and that beautiful magic happens!) 

Love, love,


(Erica Iman Ceramics)

St Louis Art Exhibit: Erica Iman

Will you be in St. Louis this weekend? Or are you looking for a reason to take a road trip? Well, I’ve got the thing for you. You don’t wanna miss Erica Iman’s Thesis Exhibition at the Lemp Brewery in St. Louis Saturday night. Her work is phenomenal. See a bit of last year’s work on her website. For the latest and greatest though, you’ve gotta go to the show! We’ll be there and would love to see you!

So, Erica is my sister-in-law, (my brother’s wife) and I am so excited to see this culmination of her work and really the beginning of something big. Her work is receiving awards and recognition across the country. I cannot wait for this weekend and what the future has in store for Erica. She will be traveling all over doing art shows soon, so make sure you don’t miss her in your city by signing up on her news blog.

Big Red: Balloon

Please meet Big Red Balloon, Scuba Boy, and Tea Party Girl! These balloons typically last a month inflated, but ours popped half way through! That’s what those 1980’s popcorn ceilings are good for. 

I must mention that Michael found the photographer, Toyokazu, that inspired this photo shoot. His photos of his daughter on the road in all of the different outfits and props are sooo good. He shoots with film, which is how he gets that gorgeous finish. 

I know the last post was a heavy one, so I tried to come back with something light and airy like this big balloon.
(photos by lauren)

FYI: Dangerous Game Among Teens

I don’t share news stories often, but heard this devastating story on NPR this morning. A mother was being interviewed and her teenage son had recently died from the “choking game.” The game has many slang names and is a huge fad among middle schoolers and teens. Anyway, please inform yourself via the links below or your own research. I heard that story this morning and got this huge urge to educate the teens I know before they are pressured into playing this “game” that they know nothing about. 

Choking Game, Wikipedia

Pass-Out Game,  Chicago Tribune

Pass-Out Game, NY Daily News

God, I pray for these kids that get curious and pressured into this “game.” Please have mercy on them, and give their young minds wisdom to know that it is dangerous. I pray for the teens I know and Lord have mercy on our children who will someday be teens! Amen.