Outdoor Fun: Zoo Baby

Visited the zoo with Rachel, Olive, and their new baby Waylan yesterday. Totally had a blast. I was excited to see “Australia” open. We hung out with the kangaroos for a long time. Came home and took naps, met Ababayeh at the pool, played at the best play place in the city, and had a picnic dinner. Fish tacos, chips and pico, watermelon, and graham crackers with nutella. Yum. And you know food tastes extra good on a picnic!

Last night Michael informed me that he has a long weekend…like Friday through Tuesday off! Later in the summer we planned to take a little vaca…ride the train to Chicago and get by with no car seats via buses and subways. We were so excited. Then one of our cars broke down and we remembered that we must pay for our fence.  It is tough to realize that “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “you can’t always get what you want.”  Oh but who knows, maybe people will go crazy and pay double for the George Forman grill and other quality items on our yard sale next weekend!  If nothing else our mini trips to Big Sky are relaxing and vacation-worthy. 

It will be a great summer, vacation or not. A few things that keep us outside are our lack of TV and central air. Can you believe we get by without those things? I love it! Late night chats with the neighbors are quite fun!

Enjoying your summer? Sure hope so.

The Mom   


Ababayeh: Warby Parker’s

Tegegne and I had fun helping Ababayeh pick out his Warby Parker glasses. The dark frames were the winners! He is super handsome in them. If you wear glasses, we’d highly recommend looking into some Warby Parker’s for yourself. It is a super awesome business with a one for one modo like Tom’s Shoes and the glasses are so affordable! 

Hensley Ruth: Four Months

My name is Hensley. I’m four months old. So far my life has been pretty great. Lately I love my hands and feet. I chew on my tongue, suck my fingers, especially my thumb when I’m falling asleep. Did my mom mention that I rolled over a few days ago. Wish someone would have told me about this earlier. I totally prefer sleeping on my tummy.
Mom and Dad, I just wanted to say that I remember four months ago today. You guys worked together for hours to get me to be born. Well, I finally came out even though it was not how you had planned. It was a traumatic event for me too. I was relieved when Dad first held me. Then you held me. And eventually my brother did. Thanks for welcoming me so generously! I love my family!
I know you are all excited for me to say my first word. You do realize that once I start talking, that I probably won’t stop. I guess that means my brother will have someone else to talk to. For now I’ll keep smiling and making those sounds that you love. 
As I get older, I’m guessing I’ll learn more about why those kids at the swimming pool ask if you are Tegegne’s mom. They don’t ask if you are my mom. What’s the deal? I couldn’t have dreamed of a better big brother!
I love you. Good night.

Hensley Ruth Jones, born February 28, 2011

Monday: Lounging and Laundry

Lounging Beatles.

Lounging and laundry.  Better said as laundry and a bit of lounging. It’s Monday. After a fabulous weekend, don’t you just sometimes feel like staying asleep Monday morning? The little man in my house slept until 8am. Whoot, whoot. If I am really productive with this laundry stuff, maybe I can do a bit of lounging by the plastic kiddy pool in the back yard this afternoon. 

While I’m at it…this would be my summer swimsuit for lounging by the plastic kiddy pool.  Just noticed it’s on sale. Too bad our current budget does not have a swimwear column. Notice how I said “current budget.” Maybe I should add a swimwear column. Hmm.

A swimsuit for Hensley,

swim shorts for Tegegne,

and look, Ababayeh,  board shorts for you too! I mean, no one could keep up with the Joneses in all of these stripes! 

Weekend: Summer Fun

It has been an amazing day full of fun. When we moved to this neighborhood, I don’t think we could have imagined the friendships that we would make and the fun we would have. We spent the afternoon and evening with two families that have become dear to us. We strolled through the trees on Cliff Drive for several hours with all eight kids. Both families have three kids each. We are trailing behind with two, but we are okay with that!  Went home and packed up the wagon and walked several blocks to their house for a cook out. We played and visited in the back yard until after dark and had the best time. 
Tegegne, you play your heart out with these kids. It’s great to watch. And Hensley, seriously you are awesome. I’m not sure how you slept the entire night, and then slept most of the day away. I think it must have been muggy enough out in this sweet Missouri heat that you decided to chill in dreamland. 
By the way it was quite exciting to see you on your tummy this morning and flipped the opposite direction in bed! You rolled over in your sleep and slept soundly until 7:30 am! 
Michael and I also had a super fun date night at Starlight Theater last night with his parents. Came home and visited with our babysitter (a good friend) until 1am! Phew! And then another good friend of mine from college visited bright and early this morning! So fun!
Needless to say, we are wiped out.

P interest: Know About It?

Know about Pinterest yet? Yes, you have? I figured so. I’m often slow and hesitant to buy into these sorts of things. But I “signed up” and it has been a ridiculously fun waste of my time. Mostly my sleep time. I stayed up until 1 am posting things last night! The useful part about Pinterest for me is the recipe saving. 

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.
Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. To get started, request an invite.
Well anyway, here is the fun I’m having  thus far with “pinning and repinning stuff that I like.”

Happy pinning!

Tegegne: Conversations

VBS Theme, Pandamania!

(Walking out the door from VBS and hearing about his day…)

T: “Mommy, I did a good job. I didn’t hit and I listened to my teacher. Can we go to the zoo?”
M: “Goooood Job, Tegegne! That makes me so happy! Maybe we can go to the zoo tomorrow.”

(In the car…)
T: “The moon and the stars are with dark sky. And it’s time to go to sleep. We need flashlights in the dark. Should we go to the store? My yellow flashlight isn’t working because I left it on. And my camera needs batteries. Should we stop at the store? It would be quick.”

T: “Where’s Ababayeh? I want to see him.”