Hensley Ruth: 3 Months

Three months old! Dear baby girl, you are so cool. You love doing moves from our Itsy Bitsy Yoga book. You love being spoken to and sung to and often talk back. You love to eat and sleep and smile. You often close your eyes or tense up a bit when your brother comes in for a smackeroo on the lips. You loved the brownie that Grandpa Ben fed you this weekend. Just kidding. He asked if you could try a brownie crumble, but luckily I was there to remind him “not quite yet.” Your dad couldn’t get enough of seeing you on skype today.  You sleep from 9 or 10pm to 5 or 5:30am most nights. At 5:30 I put you back down and you wake again at 8:30am. Your eyes are still blue. You weigh about 13 lbs. You kick and scoot across the floor on your back. You are cuddly and cute. We love you, Hensley Ruth. 


Memorial Weekend: Family Fun

It was a full family weekend for us and this mama is pooped! Tegegne, you played with cousins non stop. (that’s 17 kids ranging from 2 months to 11 yrs!) You probably ate more sugar than I want to know about. You caught a fish. You missed a nap for two days and ran around constantly. One would think that you will sleep for a week straight after that, but I am sure you will be up and running early tomorrow morning. Even though you wear me out, I sure do love you.
Everyone had so much fun with you sweet baby Hensley. You and your little cousin Orien (1.5 months younger) held hands and laid on the same blanket half of the weekend. It was ridiculously cute to see you two together. Thanks for being such a happy little girl! I love you so much.
It was nice to have a good distraction from missing Ababayeh. We got to skype with him two days ago, and I got an email that he’s doing well. He surfed, hung out on the beach, went to st. jean de luz, is eating good food and wine, and reconnecting with friends that he met on last years trip.
Even though we are here with lots of family, I would not recommend this single parenthood thing. Phew, I am so glad that you two have a good daddy that will be home soon.
Good night,


Dear Hubby Ababayeh Jones

It’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. The funny thing is that you’ve only been gone for 2ish days. Ha! As you were leaving the country last night I missed your call twice, and just now I missed your “live chat” in gmail. It makes me remember when we were in college and you spent 6 months in France. I would miss your call all of the time and cry, cry, cry. I’m not crying now, don’t worry. Just wished I could say hi. Several times today Tegegne said, “Mommy, when are we going to skype with Ababayeh? I want to skype with him. I miss him.”

Besides missing you, we’ve had an exciting afternoon with tornado warnings then gorgeous skies and now more suspicious looming clouds. Luckily Kara from up the street stopped by with her kiddos asking if we wanted to take a walk when we heard the sirens. She and I took the kids to the basement, turned on the radio, built a fort with tables, got out play dough and puzzles, breast fed our babies, and then put bike helmets on the kids. I had our huge scooter helmets ready for for the two of us. With the tragedy in Joplin, we figured we couldn’t be too prepared!

After Kara left I had one of those “woe is me” afternoons until I found my phone and saw that sweet Kate, Emily, and Taryn had all checked in with us. Thanks friends.

Okay, and I’ve been in and out of this post, (you know…tending to the needs of the children) and I just listened to my voice mails and I also missed your call. Holy cow. Thanks for the message dear. I hope to receive all further correspondence from you!  

I love you.


 Happy Birthday Mason! I had so much fun at your swimming party! (P.S. This photo is so last summer, but the photos from your party are on the camera which is traveling with Ababayeh to France!) Love, Tegegne

Taryn and Micah, thank you so much for loving my sister and I like you do. We LOVE spending time with you guys. Especially last week, when you let my mom and dad go to a last minute movie and you hung out with us. We cannot wait to be in your wedding in a few months. Love you so much! (Ummm, this photo is also from so long ago. I think all of our pics are on Taryn’s camera!)
-Tegegne & Hensley

Last but not least, have a happy week! We are in survival mode without Ababayeh for the next two weeks. Cannot wait to skype with him soon and hear of their crazy travels to Bayonne! 

Happy Birthday: Uncle Eric

Our parents tell us how wonderful you are and we look forward to growing to know you.
They say that you have one of the best laughs. You have the ability to make a person feel like a million bucks even when they told a joke that wasn’t great. You care about people and social justice and living simply and you have an amazing wife to journey through life with. My mom tells us that you and Erica were in the Peace Corps in Mongolia for almost 3 years, where you were devastated by the extremes of wealth and poverty but you helped the people as best as you could. Then you lived in Japan and worked on a blueberry farm while Erica worked through a Japanese ceramics program. When you got back to the U.S. Gramma Debby was worried that you would never buy a bed again because you had learned that people in the world live on very little. My mom and Gramma visited your little apartment in Eugene, OR and said it was great. Eating Japanese food around the coffee table sitting on the floor, listening to a great record, and sharing laughs. We look forward to a gaining a bigger vocabulary so we can sit around and visit with you the two of you! 

We cannot wait to spend more time with you guys next weekend!


Tegegne and Hensley

Day to Day: Silly Photos + Dr Gunyea

Blue Mama and Baby. Just the girls hanging out today. We took a nice walk to visit some friends in the neighborhood. Husband and wife architects who are making awesome renovations to a big brick house just up the street from us! They have three little ones too!

Comic boys.

Hensley wanted to say hello to everyone!

As I was looking through photos I found this of Michael and his good pal Johnny G. We miss you Johnny and Tanya and we are trying to get ourselves to Austin to see you this summer!

I also found this old video of the boys and thought it was quite adorable! Tegegne, you were such a little guy!