Hensley Ruth: Two Months

Well, hey there little nugget! You are two months old. So, how’s it been? Do you like us okay? Is the temperature good in your room? How about the lighting? I know you still need curtains, but don’t you love the bedding made by your Gramma Debby? For real though. You smile and coo, eat and poo. I’d say things are going well for you. (I love to rhyme.) Yesterday you had a check up at the doc. Things are mostly good. You are definitely eating enough because you weigh 12 lbs (that’s the 90th percentile for kids your age!) When your brother came home (age 2 and 4 months) he was in the negative 5th percentile on U.S. charts at a whopping 19 lbs.  Pretty sure you are going to pass that mark with flying colors.
Your doctor is taking precautionary measures on your hip. She says that your cartilage is not growing fast enough on one side (which could cause hip displacement down the road). We will get it checked out at Children’s Mercy on Tuesday, but at this point it should be an easy fix with some “sleep shorts” to get things on track. We pray that it can be corrected with minimal intervention.

On to the good stuff…your two month birthday present to mommy was SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Thanks Hensley! What a big girl you are! You slept from 11pm to 6:30am. And so did I! Horray. Maybe that can happen again. (Some may be asking if I put a spell on you…well no. I did, however, turn off the monitor. That means that I hear your cries (as our bedrooms are close) but not every grunt. We also do a lot of suggestions from On Becoming Babywise, and they seem to work for us!)

We have spent more hours outside than in today. On our second floor deck. It’s great. I even brought your playmat out that we are borrowing from Mrs. Michelle.  You love that thing. And tonight mommy is having a Mom’s Night Out with 19 awesome ladies! Double horray!


Tegegne: Conversations

Tegegne and I are in our bedroom and he asks:
T: “Mooom, what are you doing?” (He was looking right at me and could clearly see what I was doing.)
M: “Mmmm, flossing my teeth.”
T: “Oookaaay, remember you need to do that in the bathroom.”
M: “Your right. Thanks.”
(I guess it is sometimes necessary to practice what I preach.)

Driving home from visiting a friend. I was singing my heart out, proudly making up a “Counting Backwards” song for some educational car time!
T: “Mooom, would you please stop singing…I’m trying to sleep.”
M: A bit embarassed I replied, “Okay, sorry. Goodnight.” 

Parenthood: Sweet Moment

Tonight Michael and I would agree we had a sweet time with our kids. After some yummy potato soup we rocked you both. Ababayeh held you, Tegegne…yes, he had to ask you to be calm and relax. Finally you settled into his lap. I was rocking your sister. The four of us sitting in the living room listening to our new lovely record from a band called The Civil Wars. Tegegne, you and I kept catching glances. I’d wink at you, which made you smile bigger than ever and of course my heart melted. Then your dad and I exchanged a wink. It was a nice quiet evening as a family. 

Day to Day: Easter + Mama’s Sick

This mama spent most of Easter sick with the flu. Before I got sick, I did get to enjoy an amazing Easter service at our church. Phew, I love worshiping the Lord in that place and I most definitely had an amazing morning being impacted by what Jesus did for us. What a glorious outcome from such a tragic event. The love of the Father is overwhelming at times. I also got to hold you, Hensley Ruth while I worshiped the Lord with all of my heart.  What a cherished moment for me. You kept me warm and cozy on the cool Easter morning. Thanks, Little One. 

It’s Monday and your dear ‘ol dad stayed home to care for you two kiddos so I can rest and get rid of this flu bug. 

So I’ve been reading the book Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo, and it is definitely thought provoking. Easy read, too. It’s the story of a little boy’s trip to Heaven and back. His father writes the book and often gives reference to biblical scripture that lines up with what his son recalls from his trip to heaven. I cannot stop thinking about it.  


Tegegne: What’s Up

hello there.
my name is gunyea.
i stand at 36″ and weigh in at 30 pounds.
i dress myself.
most of my days are spent on all fours imitating my large k9.
i love my belt. 
i love my sister.  
i love reciting my address.
i can’t wait for my first soccer practice this saturday. you see, i was born in ethiopia and my awesome city, kansas city, has an ethiopian kids soccer team…and i’m gonna play on it. 
my new thing is wearing different colored socks because this book i read says “it’s okay to wear glasses, it’s okay to be short, it’s okay to be tall, and it’s okay to wear different colored socks.”
my knock knock joke goes like this: 
“knock, knock.”
“who’s there?”
“banana who?”
“banana Owen!”
then i crack up laughing and hope that i’ve made you laugh too. my parents find my jokes quite hilarious.
right now i’m sleeping in my little-man cave that my mom made for me. its under the stairs, and it can get so dark that i go into hibernation for about half of the day. my mom loves my new man cave.


Family: Big Sky Ranch

Hey Ababayeh, I’ll just be over here doing somersaults until you get the kite untangled.
As the Good Lord knows, I cannot sit still long enough to help you!

Cutest little grain bin that Gramma Debby is going to make into a play place
with a slide coming out of the side!

Grandma Ileen, your Great Grandma. Oh, the stories and memories I have with her. I cannot
wait to share them with you.  I look forward to you making memories with her, too!
(Making mud pies & forts in the woods, reading Heidi 100 times, spa days with Lindsey,
stories about her growing up in Denver with ‘ol Lady Roth, and other scary stories
about the lady with the golden arm, baking, and more baking…mostly licking the spoon,
trips with the Old Car Club. She would even put my towel in the dryer so it would be warm
when I got out of the bath! I spent LOTS of time with my Grandma & Grandpa!)

Great Grandpa Orville could have held you for hours…but Grandpa Ben stole you back!
Our Little Stinker with Gramma Debby
Quick photo with Mom before getting back to time with the Boys.

Grandpa Ben had you smiling like crazy!

Here’s proof to our relaxing retreat to Big Sky Ranch last weekend. These weekends allow us to kick back and catch a breath. It is so nice.