Spring Break: Henry Doorly Zoo

Spring break was super fun! We took our first family vacation as four which entailed an overnight in Omaha, Nebraska (only 3 hrs from KC) and a visit to the grand Henry Doorly Zoo.
We also enjoyed the Old Market District where we had some long awaited sushi at Blue, icecream at the local Ted & Wally’s and breakfast the next morning at Wheatfields. The Old Market District is quite exciting, especially on St. Patty’s Day and when Lady Gaga is in town playing at the Qwest Center!

Michael thought I did a good job planning the trip. He did not enjoy when I “killed” the car on the way there. (I was breastfeeding Hensley while the boys were in a restaurant and had the AC on. They came back and Michael tried to start the car. The little Fit was dead. And we were half way to the zoo in Smalltown, USA. Luckily 10 minutes later it started up without a jump and we were on our way!) Then I ran out of diapers early one morning. I mean, I just grabbed a handful and was sure it was enough…nope. Could have packed a separate suitcase for all those little things.

Want to get out of KC for a short getaway? Check out Omaha. The zoo is not just for kids, you know!

P.S. Huge highlight at the zoo was in the monkey house. Do you see Tegegne standing at the glass in the photo above. Okay, and do you see the baby monkey on the other side of the glass? The whole crowd was amazed because as Tegegne was knocking on the glass the baby came right up to the glass and started imitating him. It was awesome.


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