first few photos

the girls.  Catherine, our Doula, was a clothed angel.  what a graceful woman.  she led kristyn all the way to the end of the road.
worn out.
this was one of Kris’ visuals, to help her arrive to the product on the right.  

little Hensley 

there are surely to be hundreds more.  i think she is cute,  and she is.  less like an alien i think, more like the pretty little girl she is…

*7lbs 12oz.
*19 1/4 in.
*came out rippin’ and snarlin’

i am going to let kristyn tell her labour story, when she gets around to it.  i feel that since she did the work, she merits the opp. to share.  she pushed herself to the limit, and then went farther than she could ever have imagined.  she worked for over an entire day; preparing for Hensley, battling and overcoming her mind.



4:15 am, Hensley starts Day 1. After performing a last minute resort of a c-section, both girls are safe.  A team of doctors worked quickly to birth Hensley.  After 15 min of surgery, poof, she was out screaming full of life.  She has a full head of brown hair, a round nose like MJ and tiny everything else.

Kris is feeding her, being a good mother already.


hensley will not move and correct herself.  after another hour of pushing, she is still refusing to descend.  it is the best option for kristyn and hensley to meet via c-section.  with kristyn’s fatigue, and hensley’s time in “open” womb, the girls need to meet in the operating room.

kristyn is a real hero.


kristyn is resting.  she is still working to get hensley to straighten.  she is cock-eyed and even though the doctor feels her when examining kris, she can’t get her head to get in position.  kristyn is being brave and has finally succumb to fatigue.  she is resting and is seeing if hensley will straighten.  25 hrs down…hopefully minutes remain.


she is working hard, conquering her mind, and preparing well.  she rested a little, and is now between tightenings.  they are surely getting more intense, and she is handling it well.


Game On…

Water broke, 1:20 a.m….here we go.

Early labor could last 2 hrs, could last 12 hrs.  She’s going to labor as much at home, then we’ll head out.

Pray for my ladies…


Hensley –
This is your mother.  She is radiant, amazing and gracious.  You won’t believe how compassionate she is and how she “feels” for the neglected and discriminated.  She is incredibly intelligent and insightful.  She has a knack for making any space utile, and and comfortable.  When you come out, I just hope you know that she has looked forward to meeting you for months.  She has been planning, and dreaming, and hoping for you.  She has changed her life for you, and will continue to do until she passes.  Your mother loves well, better than any woman I have ever known.
She is impatient for your arrival, that is how much she wants to know you, feed you, hold you, protect you, raise you, and love you.
I have watched you grow in her, and she has become beautiful more and more as each day passes.  I imagine the same for you.  Come soon, and rest in your mother’s arms for the first time.  She won’t easily let you go, ever…

She is an incredible woman, I know that well.  You, soon, shall experience the love of your amazing mother.