Baby + Stuff

Well, some sweet friends are kindly throwing us a baby shower, being that you will be a baby, which means a bit more stuff than we needed when your big brother came. 

So I’m trying to create a registry of things we may need. Of course my search gets off of the practical and onto finding cool baby stuff quickly. Here are a few of the baby things that are well designed and I only wish I could register for…
And both of these are fun bed linens:

There is more…of course, but I’d better get back to the real stuff I should be registering for…


Well, you are officially initiated to Christmas the American way because you sat on Santa’s lap and told him what you want for Christmas. We went to Bad Seed, the wintertime indoor farmers market last night and didn’t expect to see Santa. We didn’t even have to wait in line at the mall. Santa pulled you right up on his lap and said the classic line, “What do you want for Christmas little boy?” You replied, “A light!” 

Thanks for making it easy on us this year, Tegegne. This year your asking for a light, but in 13 years you’ll be asking for a car. And probably next year you will catch on to the holiday a bit more. For now, we are keeping it simple. 

Too bad I didn’t have my camera to catch you on Santa’s lap. Maybe we’ll see him again soon!


The Call

Hi Tegegne. How are you? Are you good? It looks to me like you are enjoying life and are quite a happy fellow. About a month ago you really started using your imagination and you tell cute little stories. Like this, “Mommy, there’s a mouse in your car…it’s gonna get you!”You talk about “the mouse” all of the time. (You may or may not be getting a little toy mouse for Christmas, by the way.)

Things are fairly “normal” at home, but the other day at work I got “the call.” The call from Miss D at your school saying you had bit a classmate. She said that for the past week you were acting up more and she wanted to bring it to my attention. This news made me sad.  Things have gone pretty well at school so far, and I was not sure how to respond. At the moment we were on the phone she said you decided to take a nap and were lying on a cot in your room. It was not nap time, and that seemed quite odd so I picked you up and brought you home for the afternoon. We talked and you told me everything you had done and why. You are quite good at telling on yourself. 

Several people have suggested that this behavior at school might be due to your new baby sister coming. Maybe so, but I’m trying not to get too worked up about it.  I have faith in you, little guy, and I think you can move on from this soon. Sound good?