Tipi Tent Time

Had fun with you today, little fellow. Your dad helped Socmack put windows in his house and now he is out to a movie with a friend. So we’ve spent most of the day together, with our big dog Owen. We had another person look at our house, which is great, but takes work. Usually we try to bring our big dog Owen while people are looking so he doesn’t interrupt a potential sale, which means we are much more limited in where we can go. So we naturally ended up at the dog park. It’s a good spot in the city for doggie social hour, but we both left with a bit of poo on our shoe.

We ended our night with some tipi tent time in our bedroom! We got out the head lamps and read a good stack of books, sang some songs, and got cozy. I thought you would be so excited to sleep in the tent in our room tonight, but you tossed and turned trying to fall asleep. When I asked if you want to sleep in your own bed, you definitely said yes. And on the way downstairs you said, “Rock me, mommy!” So we got to your room, I swayed back and forth with you a few times, and you were out. 

Sleep tight, Tegegne.

Woogee Boots

Can’t wait to get your new boots in the mail. Your chuck taylors are the only thing that fit right now, and these should be easier to get on your feet. They are washable, made of post-consumer recycled goodness, and are quite comfy. You went through the Doodles quite quickly, and I’m hoping these size 9’s last all winter.

On the home front, people are looking, grabbing our flyer out of the box, but no bites yet. One almost offer, but not. I’m ready to take my mind off of it. I would love to start getting our baby girls room ready, and I hoped that’d be in a new place. Patience, will you please greet me at the door and stay awhile?

These People, Real People

Welp, I’ve gotten two reports that you are having a blast with Grandma Debby and Grandpa Ben. You get to play at their place from Thursday to Sunday and are loving every minute.

I started my morning with a surprising 6am wake up and Sunrise Yoga, then I stopped at The Filling Station to get a pumpkin spice steamed milk. Yum. Made with whole milk. Double yum.

And this is the part that I’ve been hoping for. I got to spend the morning helping with showers over at Cherith Brook. Showers for people who don’t have a home, a bathroom, a shower, a place to heat up coffee, or make a meal. People who may have had a rough start, or a rough middle, or for a number of reasons are in a tough spot, just trying to make it. Our society doesn’t offer much space for these people. It was so good for me to be with them today. These people that I may see later begging for change in a busy intersection, pushing a loaded shopping cart down the sidewalk because they just got run out of one place by the police and are looking for a new spot to land. People that are struggling with an addiction, looking for a job, and are so glad to be in a place where they are offered a warm shower and a cup of coffee.

Why was this one of the best mornings I’ve had in a while? Because I got to be on the same playing field, eat the same meal, and see these people as real people. I wasn’t just in the church pew, or sitting at home reading about the poor and thinking of how I could “lend a hand.” It wasn’t a feel good moment because I got to serve them through cleaning the toilets and showers. It was just being present to them, with no judgements or motives.

I hope to find myself around these people more often, to be able to see the scriptures from their perspective. To catch a glimpse of life in their shoes. I am so thankful for the space at Cherith Brook, and all that God has yet to show me.

September Fun

A lovely fireplace at a house we are interested in…
You and Geo found a lion on our house hunt

Boy party at the park with Jeremy and Zion
Good friends, good party, a one year old birthday party that is!
Ethiopian dinner with the Jennifer, Nick, & Annabelle
A future pool hall goer, watch out Grandpa Orville! At Dolphin Gallery Tribute to a Friend Celebration

Good food, good people, good music. Dolphin Gallery Celebration.

The boys with a little too much cheese. I left early for a Mom’s Night Out and I heard you and Ababayeh danced the night away.

Time to pull out the cozy French pjs from Bayonne. It’s chilly!

Stop & Listen

I often realize that winter comes quickly in the midwest and I’ve forgotten to fully take in the wonderful fall days. It is so good to stop and listen to the leaves falling, and changing color before me.
Tegegne, you make us smile so much. We are picking up leaves together and noticing their vibrance. We’ve been singing more, and you’ve been so sweet with remembering the baby in my tummy. You and Ababayeh had a blast the past two days, while I got some time to swim, (ahhh, so rejuvinating), have a Mom’s Night Out, and shop with Grama Debby! You strolled with Ababayeh tonight while he ran 8 miles. After the run you both stretched out your tired muscles, and you were totally cracking him up! We will be mega fans next week as he runs the Kansas City Marathon with Gerard!

You, child of my womb, are in fact made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Yes, a girl…what fun! At the 20 week ultrasound she assured me that if any boy part was to grow it would already be there. And you looked all girl to us! It’s so fun to feel you move in there. Can’t wait until the boys can feel you.

A kind lady and her son looked at our house today. They loved it and are looking at banks to get approved for a loan to buy our house! Stay tuned.

Love Is Waiting

The next best thing to being in the adoption process, is walking along side friends who are. Our good friends, Aaron and Heather Hale, just sent off their load of paperwork and are officially waiting for their baby boy referral from Ethiopia. Heather has creatively come up with some great stuff for sale to help bring their little fellow home. Go buy something at their store and become a part of bringing their son home!
They will name their son, Arthur. Read that story here. Isn’t that cool? I love Aaron’s doodles of the man bears! Aren’t they cute?

Aaron and Heather, I am so glad you took this huge step of faith to adopt your first child. A son! May God bless your journey to Arthur.

Follow their story here…Love Is Waiting.

A Little Sweetness

This morning I was singing along with Micah and the band at Jacob’s Well. One of the lyrics was, “Would you like to know the sweetness of the secret of the Lord?” I sang it and then the voice in my head responded, “Yes, I would like to know the sweetness of the secret of the Lord.” Right then I felt a big tummy-fluttering-kick from you, little growing peanut in my belly! Then one tear streamed down my cheek. It was quite a good response to my question, I thought. God reminded me of his sweetness through your little being moving all around inside me. What joy it is to carry you and soon get to bring you into this world.

I’m reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. The first half of the book is “successful birth stories.” Successful not meaning painless, but all very different and interesting. I am learning a lot and gaining courage through their stories.

Reading these stories puts me in great anticipation for the moment your dad and I will realize I’m in labor and it’s the real deal. Ahhhh! That will be so intimidating, exciting, (because we will soon meet you) and it will be my turn. It will mean that I will eventually have my story to tell. Or your dad and I will have our story to tell.
Going to have an ultrasound next week (wk 20) which should let us know if you are really made of sugar and spice and everything nice. I’m pretty sure you can hear me now. Have you heard your dad’s voice? What about your big brother’s?
Mom (or will you call me Mommyeh like your brother?)