Eat and Sleep

Well, Tegegne. You know how to eat and you know how to sleep. This is very good. Last night Grandpa Ben could not believe the amount of Spin Pizza you were eating. The other day you insisted on falling asleep with pita bread in your hand. We tried to slip it out of your hand, and you woke up and grabbed it back. I think you are starting to understand that we are going to keep feeding you. Your little mouth holds open like a baby bird waiting for it’s mothers worm, then we share a bite, or you feed yourself. You are very good at sharing food, as this is a strong tradition in your Ethiopian culture. Feeding one another at mealtime.

And you sleep all night and take a good nap right after lunch. A few days you’ve had two naps. Yesterday all four grandparents visited all afternoon. That was the most fun we’ve had yet.

We love you more each day. We are learning that parenthood is exciting, tiring, great, beautiful, rewarding, and requires a good amount of patience. Did I mention that we are tired? We are all learning and have had an eventful couple of weeks together. There is one thing that is always true. It was the second sentence I taught you. God is good. That’s it. God is good.

We love you, son.

Family Life Begins

So, life as a family at home has officially begun. I’d say you are enjoying your first few days at home. So far you have cried when Owen came near you, you have pet him, you threw your giraffe at him, and you pet him again. I think we’re making progress. You are also having a few melt downs as you learn that mommy and daddy are in charge. You are loving your riding truck and matchbox cars. You slept until 8 this morning, and you wake up quite peacefully. Today you meet Grandpa Ben for the first time. We will have all of the grandparents for lunch. Fun!

Happy Birthday Aunt Katie!
Happy Two Days Ago Birthday Aunt Erica!
And Happy Last Week Birthday Cousin Ethan!

Hospital Fun

Well, the nice infectious disease doctor just gave us permission to pack our bags and go home! First they will take all of the thingamagigers off of Tegegne and monitor him playing & walking for a few hours. Then we go home. Thank you God.

They will call us with more test results, and we have a check up on February 8th. They also just informed me that they take more blood before we leave.

The Yellow People


What a wild ride we’ve had! Thanks for hanging in there and being a good sport. I’m sorry that our first 8 days together have been so dramatic! We are here at Children’s Mercy Hospital where you are quite afraid of the yellow people. We are in a special room where all the doctors and nurses come in with masks and yellow outfits. You’ve had quite a few tests done by these yellow people, and I understand your fear of them. Luckily your pops and I have remained your safe haven. If your fever spikes again, they will do another series of tests. If not, we go home sooner. That probably still means another few days here. Once the test results come back negative for measles, the yellow people will stop being so suited up. And your visitors will not have to be in masks. We get your TB test results tomorrow at 5 pm. We will see more infectious disease doctors tomorrow.

You’ve been a popular guy here with lots of sweet visitors. The security man is determined to pronounce your name since you are having many guests. Thanks Tracy, Jan, and Grant for being T’s first hospital visitors even though they wouldn’t let you see him. Thanks to Grama Debby for the errands, the laundry, the doggie sitting, and your time. Thank you 360 via Jessie & G for dinner tonight. Thanks Jessie and G for hanging out with us. Thanks Andie and Bob for breakfast. Thanks for the visit Nana and Gpa Mike. Thanks for stopping by Aunt Donna, Josh, Marie Anne, Michael, and Anne. Thanks to the rest of you for your calls, your prayers, and your support. We really appreciate your kindness.

Right now I’m thinking about how the decor in our hospital room could be improved, along with the layout of the room and the furniture. I’m also thinking about what a sweet little guy you are Tegegne, and how great it is to see you on your daddy’s lap. In a few days they will unhook you from all of those cords, okay.

Here comes another yellow person to check on your breathing. Hang in there buddy.

We love you.

Mommy and Ababa


Hi, this is Jessie. I’ve been updating The Bicycle Basket while M & K have been traveling to get their sweet sweet son, and I wanted to give a quick update on Tegegne’s status:
The Jones Family made it back to KC this morning, but Little T is very sick. Kristyn and Michael took him to Urgent Care, where several tests were done, and then they were transported to Children’s Mercy Hospital. They are taking very good care of him there, and all of the nurses and doctors are very obviously touched by his sweet little face. He has double pneumonia and possibly some other health issues that need to be resolved. Several very serious things have been ruled out, but they are still unsure of what exactly is causing his symptoms.
We (myself, Gerard and Kristyn’s mom) just left Michael, Kristyn & Tegegne at the hospital, and I am hoping that despite the doctors checking in often, that they will be able to catch as much sleep as they can. When we left, T was sleeping on his Dad’s lap.
Seeing him in person felt like we were dreaming… he’s the most precious little muffin I’ve ever seen. I can’t even tell you how proud I am of those two parents. They are truly handling everything with grace and wisdom, like they’ve done this all before, and it is very apparent that God’s hand is guiding them through it all.
Please pray for clarity for the doctors and nurses, rest for Michael and Kristyn, and most of all for a miracle of healing in little Tegegne.


Well little guy, we didn’t make our flight home tonight. Weather is a nasty foe sometimes. We are stuck in Washington D.C. We are extremely tired, dizzy, dehydrated, hungry, confused… etc. It was over 24 strong hours of flying and we are still two flights away. You are sleeping, and we are anxious to get you to a doctor tomorrow. We look forward to your playful spirit again.

We’ll be home soon son.

Get yourself ready for the dog….