18 days


21 days

The countdown has begun! 21 days until we meet you, Little T! We have made arrangements for our ride to the airport (thanks Nana), for our dog sitter (thanks Jim, then A+B), and we are packing our bags!

We work the 4-8th then fly out early on the 9th, so we should be ready to go by the end of this week!


Confirmed Travel Dates

Little T,

We got confirmed travel dates today! Jan 16-23 we will be in Ethiopia. We were planning on Jan 1-9th, but will have to wait. I am sure the time will fly by and we will be there before we know it. We are bummed that it is later, but glad we have confirmation. I am still working on changing our itinerary with our travel agent. I’d like to give Golden Rule Travel a shout because they have been great to work with.

Guess what? One of my awesome new coworkers named Scott gave you two bags full of great toys, puzzles, flash cards, and farm animals. He gave them to me today and it made me so ready to play with you and teach you and help you learn lots of great things. We must write Scott a thank you note once you get here. We actually have lots of thank you notes to write. I better get them started. We have finger paint so we could stamp your hand on the front of the cards.

Talk soon,


Neighbor Phil-vis

Dear Tegegne,

You will never believe the night we had! You see we have this great neighbor named Phil. He always brings Owen doggie treats from Three Dog Bakery on the Plaza. Well tonight he came over in rare form. He brought two slabs of pork ribs with sides for dinner, he was wearing an Elvis costume, and of course, he brought Owen a box full of gourmet doggie treats. Did you catch that he was dressed like Elvis? It’s true, and it was awesome. He brought his guitar, a sheet with song lyrics and we sang and danced the night away. Phil cannot wait to meet you and teach you the guitar. He can play two songs at once and really jam some classical tunes.

Meet Phil. I mean Elvis.
One of the more enjoyable evenings we’ve had in a while. Thanks Phil! I mean Elvis…Hawaiian Elvis.