the duffle shuffle

Hey Little T,

Your pops and I can’t stop thinking about you, so we discussed packing last night. We think we will pack the XL north face duffle and medium duffle, instead of rolling suitcases. Those bags hold a lot. The XL duffle is definitely extra large! I told him that I would not be able to carry it. He convinced me that he can hold you on his back in the carrier with the huge duffle on his front. That will be a sight to see. I’m sure I’ll be able to carry you some, too. And of course we know that you can walk, but we are guessing that your legs will get tired quickly. Anyway, I’m trying to think of all of the items that you will need, so I’m going to make a list. Must also get our pictures together for your care package. Lots to do and I love doing it because it makes it more real that you are coming home soon!

Love ya,



With You

I’d like to be with you today, it’s true.

I’d like to be with you. We could go to the zoo.
(And of course we would bring dad, too!)

I’d like to be with you all day, to play.
Oh I’d like to be with you today.


more birdies

Hey Little T.
Your great grandma asked what colors your room are. It is a WIP (work-in-progress) but here are a few pics. So far, you have some birdie drapery, a green door, an eskimo pie doll (thanks uncle eric & auntie erica), some good books, a borrowed lamp and bookshelf (thanks cousin andie), a nice dresser, and a sweet little yellow bed. I’ll show you more pictures later.


Photo by Shane Henderson.
Dear Little Awesome Son,

How is your day? Good? We have had lots of joy lately as we think of you coming home soon. It has been so obvious that the Lord is taking care of you. He cares for orphans so much and it becomes more clear to me every day. People in our lives are SO excited for you to join our family too. Your dad and I were recently humbled again by another generous gift. Some dear friends of ours want to pay for our travel to pick you up and bring you home. Isn’t that special and so generous? You will meet them one day. They will be so glad to meet you.

And you know what else? My coworkers, Michael’s students-moms, our friends and our family want to help provide for you by throwing a few parties! They are really special people. You see, being our first child means that your dad and I need to get some basics. Like a carseat, stroller, diapers, a potty chair… and maybe you’ll even get some interactive toys and books. We are going to have a really fun time, okay? I’ve been thinking of some of the parties we’ll have. I wondered if you would like some musical instruments so we can have some friends over for a jam session. Our neighbors gave you some red cowboy boots so we can have a hoedown!

I’ve also been thinking of ways that we could serve the Lord together. There is a school here with kids around your age, but they are without sight. Maybe we could take our band and perform for them one day! We could also make paintings and take them to nursing homes, because God calls us to look out for the widows too. And we can learn a lot from old people.

I hope you are playing with your buddies today. We will talk soon.
-Your Mama
P.S. We’re sending you a care package. Hopefully you will open it and feel a swooping boost of love and joy enter your heart. It is traveling with a nice family towards the end of October.

another great story

Hello my little son, I stumbled upon another families story today and thought I would share it with you. This couple adopted a little boy just like we are adopting you. They wrote and published a book about it too. I think it will go on my reading list. I love hearing how God is providing families for African orphans through mama’s blogs all over the place. It’s so neat to be a part of something bigger that God has going on.
Check out their book here.

Check out the mama’s blog here.

(I pray God, that you provide the proper nourishment for our son today. Give him hope that we are coming for him soon.)

birds have wings, but we have arms

Can you read the birdies thoughts on the blue and white note above? Have you ever wished for wings? I could use some right now to fly to the Transition Home and pick you up. Although when I get there I would want to give the wings back so I could hold you with my human arms. Or maybe I could wish for wings, but keep my arms too. Man, the birds would be way jealous of me then, huh?

Here’s the link to the birdie note from the blog “It’s Nice That” if you can’t read it.


Dear Son,
How are you this morning? Your dad and I slept with your new blanket last night. It is our hope to send it to you soon along with photos of us. We read that any hint of familiarity will help you transition to us much quicker. My girlfriends, coworkers, and your dad’s class want to throw a shower for you. Isn’t that so nice of them? I think you may want a tricycle. Don’t you think? Your Grandma Debby (my mom) gave you a very cool vintage boy-looking quilt for your bed. And your Nana (your dad’s mom) got you a great book called “Silly Mammo”, a story of an Ethiopian boy and his mother. We are preparing our home for you, but also our hearts–to love and care for you with God’s direction.
Love you Little T,