Not Bob, not William, not Billy, not Joel

In case you are wondering, we hope to wrap up our dossier within the next couple of weeks. Then we will wait, wait until we know your name, and wait until we can come and get you. Speaking of your name, that is often what people ask me about when we talk about you. They say, what are you going to name him? Or will he have a name? My answer to them is that of course you have a name. As your dad and I have discussed your name we ask ourselves if it will be easy to read and pronounce here. We do not want you to be exhausted your whole life trying to tell people how to say your name. At the same time we would love for you to keep the Ethiopian culture in your name. So we will wait to see what it is. In the mean time we researched Ethiopian names and here are some of them we found on the male top 100 Ethiopian names list:

Kalaebe Lebna Hagos Desta Bekele
Salem Kalaeb Mangesha Ogbay Almaz
Melugeta Abebe Mathias Bereket Muluken
Henok Daniel Solomon Biruk Samuel
Abel Mohammed Yonas Elias Abraham
Addis Surafel Biniam Kibrom Tsegay
Biniyam Habtamu Fitsum Michael Abdu
Tadesse Nebiyu Ermiyas Tewodrus Ephrem

(If you, the reader, feel inspired to think of a new name an original, your very own, please share it with us!)

Little guy, your dad and I love you. Sleep tight.


Tiny Toms

Did you get a pair of Tiny Tom’s in the mail today sonny boy? Your dad and I bought a pair of Tom’s Shoes last week. Tom gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes bought from him. He’s even doing a special mission in Ethiopia right now, so I wondered if the Toms I bought will allow a pair to end up on your little feet. I won’t be expecting you to have them on when we come to pick you up, but it would be quite a cool surprise if it turned out that way.

(Tom, if you happen to stumble across this could you ple
ase give my other pair of Tiny Toms to our soon-to-be son in Ethiopia? I don’t know what he looks like yet, nor do I know his name, but once I find all of this out I will let you know! And could my husband’s other pair please go to our son’s best friend?)

Tiny Toms
for You

Tiny Toms for Your
Best Friend

Your Mom’s Toms

Your Daddy’s Toms

Check out their website today to get your pair of Tom’s Shoes which in turn will allow a child to have a pair of shoes too.


We had an adorable 11 month old at our house this weekend, and I took lots of motherhood notes as I watched one of my close friends be a mom. I’m so ready to give this motherhood thing a try.
Each day is a step closer. Our home study will be done THIS week. Finally. I feel like we have taken longer than most families to pull this together, but with working full time, I have to fit it in when I can. And, the timing is in the good Lord’s hands anyway. After the home study we pull together several notarized documents for the dossier. Then we wait, and read adoption books, and lift weights. Really though, I read somewhere that a woman strained a muscle because she went from carrying no baby to carrying her adopted toddler everyday. Son, I promise to lift some weights and I may consider attaching a 20 lb weight belt to my body so I can get used to the extra weight.

Needless to say, the adoption training we’ve done so far has me preparing in more ways than I originally imagined.

I love you today son, and hope that you are eating well and enjoying some fresh air. Hopefully next year at this time we will be walking down the hill to the park multiple times a week. That swing has your name written all over it.


These lovely smiles are some of your Aunties that cannot wait to squeeze your little cheeks. From left we have Aunt Tricia, Aunt Taryn, and Aunt Jessie. These are some of the coolest ladies, and I love doing life with them here in Kansas City. Let me tell you a bit about them.

Your Aunt Tricia enjoys running, mothers play group, and praying for and catching up with friends. She gives great hugs and is warm and welcoming. Tricia is patient and thoughtful. She is a nurse at St. Lukes Hospital and a wonderful mom to Zion and wife to Jeremy.

Aunt Taryn enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with people…all sorts of people. She is recently pondering on life-changing ideas, and God is shaping her into someone so beautiful and honorable. She has a boyfriend named Micah, who is pretty stinkin’ cool too.

And lastly we have Auntie Jessie, she loves all kinds of great things. Fashion, yoga, her kitty, her family, and warm sunny weather. She is a great wife to Mr. Gerard Brown. Jessie is talented, and it is neat to see the Lord bless the work of her hands. She connects well with people and makes them feel special.

So these are some of my pals. Aren’t they lovely? I sure wish you could introduce me to your little African friends. I bet they are pretty great too.

Love you.

P.S. GMAPFS=Girls Meeting and Praying For Stuff. These are the girls that I pray with each week.

kids across africa

Dear Friends & Family-

Come enjoy coffee and art while learning about Kids Across Africa, a new Christian camp in Rwanda. It’s this Friday in KC. See the flyer for details.

Dear God,
Bless this camp. May this be a sacred and safe place for African kids to come and grow to be men and women of You. Can’t wait to learn more about it on Friday.

…the rest of the story

Okay buddy, I can’t believe I left you hanging like this. I hosted the Easter meal Sunday and was quite busy, but I can now tell you the rest of the story. So remember how we talked about Jesus suffering and dying on “Good Friday?” Well, on Sunday Jesus rose from his tomb and was alive again. Yes, he was dead and became alive again. I know…unbelievable, huh? With God’s power, anything is possible. Anything. So all of the sadness can be turned to joy because Jesus is alive and his life can shine through us.

My prayer for you is that you would be our little star shining Jesus’ light so brightly among your peers in your orphanage or in your community. May your hope be solely in our living Savior, Jesus Christ. May you have peace and sweet rest tonight so that tomorrow you can share this story with your friends.

I love you.


“Sing to God, sing praise to His name,
extol Him who rides on the clouds –
His name is the LORD –
and rejoice before Him.
A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,
is GOD in His holy dwelling.
God sets the lonely in families…”
Psalm 68.4,5,6
“I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him.”
1 Samuel 1.27
We are praying fervently for you son, sleep well tonight.
We are coming for you…