Forts, Morts, & Warts

Dear Son,

Come soon please! I am ready to head for a weekend to grandma and grandpa’s at Big Sky Ranch so we can build forts, eat morts, and hopefully not get warts (from the frogs in the pond). What are morts, you ask…that is the name of the mud pies we will make when we camp in our fort. We will make forts, and then go fishing! After we fish we can cruise the pond in the canoe, and take walks around the land with Sam and Lady. I’m sure Owen will be there too.
Here are some forts to get you thinking…

Good night sonny boy. Your dad and I love you.


In my thoughts

To the little mister –

I will most likely make rare appearances on this. I am not the most vocal, or the most technological. Kristyn is much better at this, but I feel like you should know this. You are in my thoughts often. It seems as though I am surrounded by you in my thoughts. God has put you on my heart so often lately. I don’t know you, I don’t know your name, I don’t know what you look like or how old you are. I don’t know what you smell like, or what your personality will become. I don’t know if you are a trouble maker or if you are quiet and shy. I will not know if you like vegetables or if you will have problems in school. I won’t know who you will become or what color will be your favorite. I don’t know if you have your teeth yet. I don’t know if your mother is holding you, or if she wishes you weren’t around. I don’t know if you are sleeping or hungry. I don’t know if you speak or what you understand. I don’t understand why you will love us, or at times if you will. I have so many unknowns. The one thing I do know is that God wants me to cast these aside and pursue you. He wants me to put those cares on Him. He tells me to wait on Him and to keep rolling. It doesn’t matter that I don’t know right now. The thing that does matter, it seems, is that I leave Jesus as my source of hope and life. You will come to us one day, and you will be loved. Just as we are loved by Jesus. You will be the joy of our lives and the reason for a evening stroll.
We wait for you little one, and we hope you are well.
May Jesus keep you and protect you from the evils that are ever present around you.
You are known…

Rich in Culture

I am in awe of your culture in Ethiopia. The body as an artform, the vibrant colored fabrics, the landscape and buildings…wow…so cool!
Don’t worry son, we will do all we can to help you learn and study your culture. That is very important to us. Just a few days ago Michael met the father to one of his Ethiopian students who has an Ethiopian restaurant in Kansas City. We are excited to check it out soon. We also taught an Ethiopian 3rd grader at church this Sunday. She was a beautiful young lady with a lovely African accent that I hope she never loses. Even though your country is so far away, it seems near to us lately. I hope you are well fed today dear one. We love you and think of you often.

Sunday Sunday

Dear Son,
It’s Sunday and so nice in Kansas City. We love Sundays. We love them because we get to go to one of our favorite places. Jacob’s Well Church. It is here that we reunite with friends, hear a Word from the Lord, and sing new and beautiful music. I cannot wait for the first Sunday that we get to bring you to Jacob’s Well. Each Sunday I imagine singing with you either in my arms, or standing on the pew between Michael and I. I LOVE worshiping in this place, and will be so delighted to share the experience with you. I love you little guy and hope you are doing well today.
Outside Jacob’s Well
Inside Jacob’s Well-during a concert
Our Pastor-Tim Keel

Visit JW if you are ever in KC:

Physicals, Fire Escape Routes, & the Rest of the Family

Dear Son,
How are you today? We are thinking of you here in Kansas City as we take more steps to bring you home. We are getting our physicals from Dr. Shuss, making fire escape routes, and laminated emergency phone number charts. Your dad worked fast and furious for 4 months to give us a new bedroom upstairs so you can have your own room downstairs. You will love our new room. It will be a very good place to wrestle with your dad and make art projects with me. We are finally sleeping up there now. We got a queen sized matress and for the first time in his life-your dad’s feet don’t hang off of the bed!

There are so many people that I am dying to introduce you to. So really quickly, I must share a photo of the rest of our household…

I know I said people, but this is clearly not a person. This is Owen, our dog. Don’t worry, he will eventually not be scary to you but will become one of your buddies. He is a very fun-loving dog…see the photo? He even dressed up as a Pro Cyclist for Halloween. He is going to adore you and follow you around everywhere.

And then there is this beauty holding the lime. This is Aunt Taryn. We are almost sisters, so you can just go ahead and call her your Auntie, or you can call her T, or T-Bird. I really think you are going to like her. She is one of the best. I imagine that you will giggle your little socks off with Taryn. She is praying for you and also getting a physical and meeting with the social worker so we can bring you home. Thanks Auntie T! We love you!

A friend for you…

Little buddy, I’ve got a friend here that I want
to introduce you to.

This is Zion Collins.
I think the two of you can be great pals.
Zion is into Thomas the Train,
Spiderman, riding his motorcycle, and
going on skateboard rides with his dad. He
has lots of joy and friendship waiting for you!